All You to Know About Web Hosting Services

Web hosting is a type of online service that helps you in enabling to publish a website, web applications or web pages over the Internet. So, if you are signing up for web hosting services, you are basically renting some space on a web server in order to successfully store all the folders, files and necessary data for your website.

In this blog, we will be going to explain web hosting services in greater detail. Let’s drive in right there!!


Web hosting is all about web servers and when it comes to a web server, and then it is basically a physical computer that runs constantly without any interruptions in order to make your website available for visitors all the time irrespective of the location of the visitors. Your web hosting provider will be responsible to keep your server up and running. It also helps in protecting your web server from malicious cyber attacks, transferring the content files such as images, text, files etc from your web server to the browsers of visitors.

When you plan to create a website, the first thing you have to do is to find a web hosting service provider that will help you in providing the server space. A web host stores all the folders, databases, assets and files on the server. So, when someone types your domain address into their browser address bar, your web host will transfer all the required files to the visitors.

Therefore, choosing the right hosting plan that fits best for your website requirements is a must. One of the best examples of this is housing rentals. Similarly, with web hosting services, you will have to pay some amount of money monthly in order to keep your server running properly and without any interruptions.

In order to reduce risks, you can always go for a type of web hosting plan that comes with some money-back guarantee options to decide whether the services provided by your selected web hosting provider are meeting expectations or not. As soon as the web traffic of your website increases, you will be required more server space. In such cases, you can easily upgrade your web hosting plan to more advanced options that too within a few hours.

In addition to that, you are not required to be a tech expert or need to have the proper programming knowledge in order to perform regular website management processes. For instance, you can easily install any content management system on your servers such as Drupal or WordPress, creating backups for your website will be easier, accessing your database and uploading multiple files such as HTML to the webserver with ease.

Although cPanel hosting platform is widely used by most web hosting service provider companies as it is considered to be a powerful tool, it could be intimidating for beginners who just want to create a website quickly and running constantly. Therefore, you can also go for a custom-built control panel, specially designed for the beginners, which is known as hPanel.

In addition to only providing web server space to your website, a web hosting provider should also offer you various other services of website management including:

Page builders and email hosting

24*7 technical customer support

The one-click installation process for using content management systems such as Drupal or WordPress.

SSL certificates

Development tools

Automated data backups

In a nutshell, web hosting is a web server that helps to allow the individuals or organizations to publish a website or web page on the Internet. A web hosting provider or a web host is a kind of business that helps in providing the services and technology required for a website to be viewed on the internet. The websites are hosted by a special computer which is known as web servers. If any visitor wants to check your website, he will only have to type your domain name into their browser address bar. Their browser will further get connected with your web server and your website will be automatically delivered to their web browser.

Various web hosting companies will ask you to purchase your own domain name in order to provide you with web hosting services. However, if you don’t have a domain name, then your web hosting company will also help you out in purchasing one.


Email Accounts

As mentioned above, most web hosting provider companies ask you to have your own domain name. Your web hosting company will provide you with an email account feature in order to create a domain address email account. A domain name along with an email account is used for creating a domain address of a website. Your domain address would look like

FTP Access

The FTP Access enables you in uploading various files from your system or computer to your server. If you have created your website through HTML files, then you can easily transfer your files from your system to your server with the help of FTP access. So, your website will be allowed to get access to the Internet.

WordPress Support

WordPress is known to be one of the most popular website creation tools that work online only. It is considered to be the most powerful website and blogging content management system in order to manage and create your website conveniently. Studies reveal, about 25% of the websites are hosted by WordPress hosting only. It’s important that your web hosting provider should tell you right away, whether their web hosting plans are compatible with WordPress or not. The basic requirements in order to host your website created through WordPress include 5.6 or greater MySQL version and 7 or greater PHP version.

If you have already decided to host your website, then in order to get the access of drag and drop website builder, email address, custom domain and other web hosting features, it is recommended to go for a reliable website hosting Company.

One of the biggest advantages of having the feature of the website builder is it helps you in allowing simply dragging and dropping the content in order to build your website quickly and to publish your website live within a few minutes and a few clicks. You don’t have to be a technical expert in order to do so. If you have no experience in coding, then also you can create a website through a website builder.

However, creating a website through coding method is always better because you will get more tools through coding language or a Content Management System such as WordPress.


As we know, in order to make the online presence of your website, having a web hosting service for your website is a must. However, a web hosting provider offers its customers much more than just allowing their website to be viewed over the Internet. For instance, your web hosting provider will make sure that your website is up and running all the time as well as you will get a 24*7 customer support team in case of any technical issues such as domain name renewable, email not working, script debuting and other technical glitches. A professional and reliable Best Website Hosting company ensures that their customers should get a hassle-free experience, so they can focus more on their business rather than focusing on these technical aspects.


Most web hosting companies offer different types of web hosting services in order to fulfill different requirements of different customers. Whether you are looking for web hosting services for creating a simple personal blog or you are an owner of a large online business. Here is the list of the most popular types of web hosting platforms available for you:

Shared hosting

Cloud hosting

Dedicated server hosting

VPS hosting

WordPress hosting

It’s always suggested that you should start your business with the basic services and as your website grows to higher web traffic numbers, you can always upgrade your business to an advanced type of web hosting plans. However, we are going to describe each type of web hosting service in greater details, in any cases.


Web hosting provider companies usually various types of web hosting plans for each type of web hosting service. For instance, shared hosting services usually come with multiple hosting plans.

Shared hosting is considered to be one of the most common answers for various web hosting requirements and especially for personal bloggers and small businesses, it’s an ideal hosting platform. As its name suggests, you will have to share your server with multiple other customers in it. Therefore, your website will be hosted with other websites on a single server and the server resources such as disk space, computing power, memory, etc will be shared amongst them.

Therefore, in shared hosting services, you will have to share a single server with other website owners. That means, your physical server as well as the software applications will be shared within a single server. Shared hosting is also known to be one of the most affordable options because as you have to share your resources with other users, the cost of your monthly or annual subscription will be shared with other users as well. However, there are various downsides of shared hosting, one of the most common being slower website loading speed.


Cost-efficient and considered to be an excellent web hosting platform for small businesses.

You don’t have to be a website techie to manage your website with shared hosting.

It comes with pre-configured server options.

A user-friendly control panel such as cPanel or hPanel.

The server administration and maintenance will be taken care of by your web hosting provider.


Very little or you can say no control on server configuration.

If any other website starts getting high web traffic, your website will have to face the consequences.

As a result, it could slow down the loading speed of your website.


VPS is a business acronym of Virtual Private Server hosting. However, when it comes to VPS hosting, you are again sharing a physical server with multiple other users but this is where the similarity ends. However, you will be allocated an entirely segregated partition for your website on the same physical server. This means you will get a virtual server space along with a certain amount of memory and resources which will be reserved for your website.

Therefore, VPS hosting could be a great option for medium-sized businesses with a growing number of traffic and websites.


Separate server space

If any other website drives high web traffic, then your website will not get affected in terms of performance and speed.

Root access to the web server.

High customization and easy scalability.


It is a bit expensive than other types of web hosting services.

Server management and technical knowledge are required for VPS hosting.


Cloud hosting is considered to be one of the most reliable web hosting solutions available in the market. In cloud hosting services, your web hosting company will provide you with a cluster of web servers, so the resources and the files can be replicated with each other.

Therefore, if one of the cloud servers encounters any technical issue or busy with high web traffic of other user websites, your web traffic will be routed to another web server in the same cluster automatically. As a result, your website will face very little or no downtime. If your website often deals with high web traffic, then Cloud hosting is considered to be an excellent web hosting solution for them.


Very little or no downtime

Your website will not get affected with server failures

Web resources will be allocated on demand

One of the best parts about cloud hosting is it follows pricing strategy of pay what you use.

Therefore, you will only have to pay for those resources which you are using.

One of the most scalable types of hosting available in the market.


With cloud hosting, it will be difficult for users to estimate actual pricing.

You will not always be provided with the root access availability.


WordPress hosting is a form of shared hosting services which is specifically designed and created for the owners of WordPress websites. Your web server will be pre-configured for WordPress only and your website will come with pre-installed plugins in order to handle some crucial tasks such as security and caching.

With the option of highly optimized configuration with WordPress hosting, the loading speed of your website will be very quick and fast and your server will deal with a fewer number of technical issues while running. WordPress hosting services come with additional beneficial features such as pre-designed WordPress themes, specific development tools, page builders for drag and drop and various other WordPress related features.


One of the most cost-efficient options for beginners.

One-click WordPress software installation features.

High performance for websites created on WordPress

Highly trained professionals on WordPress issues as a customer support team.

Pre-installed WordPress themes and plugins.


It can be used for the websites created on WordPress only. Therefore, in case you are planning to host more than one website on a single server, then this can be a big problem for you.


As its name suggests, a dedicated server means you will get your own physical server that will be solely dedicated to your website only. Therefore, you will get incredible flexibility of web server in terms of your website management. You will get the option of configuring your web server as per the requirements of your website such as setting up the web hosting environment according to the requirements of your business and also going for your choice of the operating system.

Also, going for a dedicated server for your website would be as powerful as buying your own website server. However, a dedicated server does come with a web hosting provider as professional support. A dedicated server is often more useful for large online businesses or enterprises that drive heavy web traffic.

Therefore, in a dedicated server, you will get the entire server to yourself only. This leads to faster performance as all the web server resources will be yours only and you will not have to share it with other website owners. However, in other words, you will be also responsible for the entire cost of the server operation. A dedicated server is considered to be an ideal choice for those websites that require a higher level of web security as well as a large number of server resources.


Complete control on server configuration.

High security and high-reliability options.

Complete Root access to your server.


Oriented towards big enterprises or large business. Therefore, high cost.

Server management and technical knowledge are required.


In addition to going for a web hosting service, you will have to buy a domain name as well. While web hosting helps you in renting a web server space, a domain name works as a web address for your website.

If any visitor wants to go through your website, all they have to do is type your domain name on their address bar of web browser and your web server will automatically transfer the content to the visitors.

With most web hosting companies, you will have to buy your domain name separately. Or if you already have a domain name, you can always transfer it to your new web hosting service providers. The domain name acts similarly to a web hosting plan, you will have to pay for it annually in order to continue your ownership along with your domain name.


Linux hosting and Best Windows Hosting are not the types of web hosting services but they are actually different types of operating systems. However, these web hosting platforms are equivalent in terms of functionality. Therefore, the type of operating system depends on the requirements of your website and of course your own comfort.

Both web hosting platforms differ from each other in terms of ease of use, stability, versatility and cost. When it comes to cost, then Windows hosting is more expensive than Linux hosting.

Linux Hosting

It supports PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. It also allows successful running of the scripts written in Python, Pearl, PHP and other Unix-based coding languages.

Windows Hosting

It is used for successfully running Microsoft-based technologies such as .NET and ASP scripts. It also supports Microsoft-based SQL server and you can easily access the database as well.

However, in case your website doesn’t require any Microsoft-based technological support, you should always go for Linux hosting services as they are more secured as well as more economical.


All in all, web hosting services are required in order to publish a website over the Internet and creating an online presence. Not only has this, but having a good web hosting company also offered you some incredible benefits through reaching out to millions of users across the world.

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