C Panel and Plesk- The Major Breach

C Panel is an online Linux- based Graphical User Interface control panel that helps us manage the backend of our hosting dashboard, and simplifies the server management of a website. Plesk, on the other hand, is a similar web hosting and data automation system that works on both Linux as well as Windows.

Let us understand the difference between these two systems with the help of a detailed feature analysis.

Features of C Panel:

Domain Management- C Panel web hosting helps us manage the domain in the easiest possible way. Wondering how? Well, this system helps us take control of the website/ domain at the most basic level (root level). This feature makes it extremely easy to add domains, sub- domains, etc. to the website, as well as helps provide a smooth management of redirection commands.

Flexible Communication- C Panel helps us access multiple communication platforms at once. The system also provides its user the flexibility to access and delete multiple e- mail accounts, create email filters, block spam mails, etc.

File Management- This feature enables the user of C Panel web hosting system to store/ organize the entire data of the website on to the server. This helps in easy file management as each and every information is stored at a single place.

Script Editing- Script Editing is one of the best and probably the most important features of C Panel. This feature helps a person edit scripts, i.e., blogs, articles, and other details featured on the website.

Features of Plesk:

Key Tools for Main Page & Extensions- One of the eminent features of Plesk is that the user is presented with the entire set of key tools in the main page itself. Further, the system also helps provide a hassle- free support for creating extensions for the web page as well.

Single Purchase Platform- In case of Plesk, the user has the ease and flexibility to purchase more at a low budget. How does this happen? Well, Plesk helps provide a single purchase platform to the users. This means that one can buy all the required extensions and other requirements at one place

Word Press Tool Kit- Most businesses and even individuals prefer hosting their brand’s web page on Word Press. Here too, Plesk might be the best option to choose to host and manage their web page(s). This is mainly because Plesk offers the user all the required tools to enrich an already easy experience of using Word Press.

Compatibility- One of the major strengths that Plesk offers is the multi- platform compatibility feature. What does this mean? Well, this Plesk feature helps one not only manage the system on different operating systems but on different platforms and technologies as well.


Well, no matter the ever- going discussions between which is better, the truth is that both C Panel and Plesk Control Panel are at par with each other. The choice of which Control Panel is best or should be used depends totally upon the type of brand/ business and the key requirements of the owner of the business owner itself. Know More about the C Panel and Plesk

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