Web Hosting Stats and Facts to Help Choose a Better Host

Hosting services are one of the backbones of today’s digital world. These services are to the information age what coal and steam were to the industrial age: the source of power to run things; so, in this case, to drive the internet.

Web hosting is when you purchase the space on the server to hold your website files. Websites are also just made up of files, similar to how you have word, excel, or PDF files on your computer, websites are made up of HTML, PHP, and other types of files.

Today, at the heart of your online presence is your website, while at its core is the hosting service. So, whether you are a service provider or any operating any large enterprise or small enterprise, you must know some key web hosting research data that are propelling the industry into the future – one that is likely to impact yours. Here are some web hosting facts and figures for your reference.

Key Takeaways

At present, there are over 330,000 web hosting companies all over the world.

The largest number of internet users is from Asia, although North America has the largest number of web hosting companies (almost 5000) and Europe comes second.

Every major country has a different favourite host. GoDaddy is the top choice in the United States. 1&1 is the topmost web hosting company in Germany while the clear market leader in China is Aliyun.

Smartphone and other mobile devices generate over 60% of the total online traffic.

WordPress, being used to build 30% of the websites, stands as the weapon of many internet users.

Web Hosting Domain Stats

A fact that you must know is that no website can stand complete without a domain name, and domain names-markets are often intertwined with the web hosting industry. Now let’s see some of the notable domain names and facts and stats:

.com is a popular domain name with over 81% of the domain names registered.

On average, 900,000 domain names are registered in a single week.

When the internet was first introduced to the world, only nine domain name suffixes existed; they were .net, .us, .org, .co.uk, .co .il and .edu.

Web Hosting Industry Stats

Through the years web hosting service has become useful in lots of ways. The web hosting industry has created solutions like VPS, shared hosting, cloud hosting among others.

The web took less than 5 years to hit the 1 million user’s mark. On the other hand, the telephone took more than 75 years to achieve the same status.

Right now, there are more than 1,690 million websites online – all in need of hosting service.

The economy of the United States incurs a loss of $500 million annually from slow websites.

Mobile devices are taking over the industry with nearly 60% of traffic traced from tablets and smartphones.

The fastest-growing technology is cloud computing. It has grown by 17.6% in 2019.

Web Hosting Technology Stats

With a 60% share, WordPress nearly controls the CMS market.

Today, almost all online projects use shared web hosting, but big companies are moving towards the cloud.

Windows is the preferred OS for laptops and desktops but when comes to web servers the story is entirely different. More than 96% of the website prefer Linux Configurations.

The Future of Web Hosting

Web hosting is an industry that is doing quite well. It’s attracting more and more citizens and technological progress is still playing on its average.

As per IDC, 49% of data will be in the cloud by 2025.

Web hosting service is expected to retain a stable revenue increase of 15.5%.

Cloud hosting services will always exceed expectations as per the Foster report. It is going to be a $191 billion industry by 2024.

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