Benefits of Running One’s Own SMTP Server

SMTP Server

The entire email delivery process relies on an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server. It will not be possible for any email to arrive at its destination without an SMTP server’s assistance. This server is designed for a specific function, which is to receive, send and relay outgoing mail that is transmitted electronically between email senders and receivers. Hence, an SMTP server is more specific than other servers with regard to the purpose that it fulfils. As is evident, it is only the data that has to do with emails which are sent, received or relayed, that is processed by an SMTP server. Hence, it is vital to configure accurate SMTP settings. Moreover, it confirms if the outgoing email has arrived from an active account. Additionally, it fulfils another function, which is redirecting undelivered emails to their senders.

A professional SMTP server makes it possible for a user to manage an unlimited number of messages as opposed to a normal server that imposes strict limitations in this matter. Thus, a professional SMTP server is beneficial when bulk emails need to be sent.

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Benefits of Setting up One’s Own SMTP Server

There are numerous benefits of setting up one’s own SMTP server. These are mentioned below, in no particular order.

Unlimited number of emails can be sent. Setting up one’s own SMTP server ensures that one doesn’t have to encounter any limitation with regard to the number of emails that one is allowed to send in a particular time span, such as in an hour or in a day. A certain number of emails are allowed in a day by ISPs. This is not the case when one sets up one’s own SMTP server.

Availability of information regarding a sent email’s delivery status. Information regarding a sent email’s delivery or failure/delay in delivery will be available immediately along with the exact reason, in accurately generated reports when one has one’s own SMTP server.

Ensures privacy as well as full control over email lists. When one has one’s own SMTP server, one’s email lists are fully secure. The SMTP server owner can use these lists in the most optimum way to meet his requirements.

No problems to be faced related to third parties. Sometimes deliverability is affected by the actions that are taken by third parties. Moreover, when server space gets shared, one’s email deliverability can be compromised if anything untoward happens due to sharing of server space. Setting up one’s own SMTP server helps get rid of these issues.

Cost-effectiveness. In the long run it proves to be cost-effective because once it has been set up, one doesn’t have to pay any monthly service fee or make any payment for each email that gets sent, which is the case with third parties.

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