What is SEO? What is the Importance of Keywords?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the form of practice regularly optimizing your website for higher ranking in organic search results. SEO is done using popular search engines such as – Google. When you are searching about SEO (search engine optimization). Keyword research should be your priority. If you are capable of using correct keywords. Then you are able to optimize your website in search results. With a keyword list, you have to include all keywords in your high-quality content.

Why SEO is important for your business?

SEO is very important for your online business. In terms of marketing, SEO increases your website traffic. Because it ranks your website in Google relevant research. For getting listed in relevant research, you have to work with SEO. If your website has good crawl activity it will come up in search results. Fascinating content can show your website in search results. Easy-to-use UI (user interface) helps them in understanding of website. Sharing content that speaks about your business with related keywords of your business. For proper visibility in search results, SEO expert reviews your website content and structure and plans to change related keywords.

Whenever we search any keyword in Google search engine. Search engine returns search results with two types of researches organic and paid. Organic results are the webpages that closely matches with the search queries. And paid results are advertisements starting with “Ads” keyword. Many website owners pay for to get higher ranking in their website. Organic results appear with more trustworthy results.

SEO is one of the online optimization used in digital marketing. If you follow correct SEO results to rank your website. You will get good follow up over time. With over time AI and machine learning are connecting with search engines to show organic results. But they still need our help. Optimization of your website helps deliver better information and helps in connecting with your website visitors.

Difference between black hat SEO and white hat SEO?

White hat SEO is defined as best practices and strategies with relevant keywords. White hat main focus is to provide more value to people.

Black hat SEO is defined as techniques and strategies that attempt to spam search engines. Many users click on black hat results this affect their devices.

Google guidelines: –

Make web pages essentially for users not for search engines.

Never cheat with your users.

Avoid black hat techniques for improving your search engine rankings. A good way is to explain Google employee “What exactly is your online business?”

Anything what makes your website different, profitable and attracting?

Avoid following: –

Automation on your content.

Engaging in link scheme.

Copying content from other websites.

Cloaking – process of showing different content to humans and search engine crawlers.

Adding hidden text and links.

Doorway – Landing search queries to similar multiple pages.

Importance of keywords: –

Keywords are the essiential part of your website. Proper keyword research engages your website on top priority. For keyword research different tools are used. One of most popular is “keyword planner” use in searching keywords. Another keyword search tool is “moz keyword explorer”. Having good keyword list and including it in the content engage your website in organic search result and you will get good results in online presence.

Conclusion: –

SEO is the good practice for ranking your website. Organic traffic might take time but this traffic is way more effective. HTS hosting provides hosting services like – Linux shared hosting, Windows shared hosting, Best Windows Hosting, Best Website Hostingand other services related to SEO.

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