General Data Protection Regulation

Online storage is increasing day by day. With an ongoing demand for protecting sensitive data of individuals and enterprises. Security experts are constantly challenged to protect such large amount of general data. The council of European Union has tighten the data protection laws because of large data breaches. Such data breaches are followed by anonymous entities and big data managing companies. Only the general data protection regulation is the answer from the council to these growing demands. These demands aims to enhance the data protection from all individuals in the European Union.

Updates GDPR norms Makes Company that processes individuals that are belonging to the European Union falls under data processors. Since web hosting companies have direct access to sensitive information. They also become liable to follow strict regulations.

Did HTS Hosting supports GDPR compliance?

HTS Hosting supports European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. HTS Hosting is committed to secure complete processing of sensitive data and also committed to provide transparency over any data. HTS Hosting always updates its privacy policy whenever general data regulations come up. It shows more clarity over data processing because it is designed to give more control over the information.

How this does affect our customers?

Individuals, companies and businesses providing services to EU residents need to comply with GDPR law. To the extent you can collect EU resident’s personal data that includes collection, processing, storage and transmittal of such data. HTS Hosting privacy policy explains what they need to collect and how they handle your sensitive data. The statement includes with many examples that how personal data is utilized by HTS Hosting.

What rights GDPR provide to EU residents?

The rights of EU resident under the GDPR, how you can exercise these concerns: –

  • Right to access – You and your customers can ask HTS Hosting what personal data is processed, why and where.

  • Right to rectification – If you and your customer wants to correct, revise and remove any of the data we retain on you.

  • Right to be forgotten – You and your customer can cancel your HTS Hosting account at any time. We will completely remove your account and all the associated details.

  • Right to restrict processing – If you and your customer believes that your data in being inaccurately unlawfully. You can request limited use of your data.

  • Right to portability – We provide you an ability to move your account data to third party at any time.

  • Right to object –  If you and your consumer has decided to no longer include your data in analytics to provide target base marketing content. You can contact our team for request removal of this data.

HTS Hosting will provide all the necessary mechanism to comply with requests from our customers and constantly support in fulfilling GDPR requests from our customers.

An EU customer of HTS Hosting services and plans?

Usually, HTS Hosting is a controller concerning all the personal data that you provide to HTS Hosting as customer. We will not publish personal data of our customers to domain name registrants located in the EU in the WHOIS. We do this to ensure that WHOIS output is completely compliant with GDPR. Although, excess of personal data of any domain name registrants is granted when such access is necessary for any technical reasons and for any other legal reason.

Conclusion: –

Thus, GDPR should be complies with all hosting companies. Because companies holds all the confidential and sensitive information of their customers. For finest and best security. HTS Hosting continuously updates itself with GDPR compliances to provide Linux shared web hosting, Windows shared web hosting, reseller streaming video and other hosting services.

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