Difference between Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting

Is Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting one and the same? If not, then what is the difference?  Here, you shall discover the role of web hosting as well as the specific role of WordPress Hosting and much more relevant information. Let us begin without further ado!

Web Hosting: Its Purpose and Requirement

Browsing websites has become a necessary part of almost everyone’s day-to-day lives, in this day and age. Often, we visit websites for professional reasons and often to fulfil certain specific demands of our personal lives, such as buying products and services online, accessing information or entertainment. Regardless of why we visit a website, in order for that website to be accessible online, it needs to be hosted on the web server of a web hosting company. If a website has not been hosted, then it won’t be accessible over the Internet. This makes it apparent that how important it is for a site to avail web hosting services, in order to remain seamlessly accessible to site visitors.

Web Hosting as a service is indispensable and is required by every website owner that wants to ensure his/her website’s accessibility to global site visitors. The purpose of web hosting is to ensure that all the services and technologies are in place that render websites accessible over the Internet and keep the hosted sites seamlessly accessible over an active Internet connection.

The website owners who are looking to launch their websites online, need to avail the service of web hosting from professional web hosting companies. These web hosting companies, such as HTS Hosting, which is a world-class web hosting service provider and is frequently referred to as the Best Web Hosting Company, offer all types of web hosting services through a range of web hosting plans.

Now, these web hosting plans can be of many types but regardless of the type, every website hosting plan consists of certain web hosting features and provides web server space for hosting websites. It is this web server space that is utilized for storing the files of the hosted site/sites. Moreover, these stored files are processed on the very web server on which the corresponding website is hosted. When do these files get processed? That happens after the web server receives an incoming request for the files of a hosted site. This incoming request is generated by a browser, that is being used by a site visitor to access the website. Based on the received request, the web server locates the files of the hosted site in its storage and processes those files. These files are then retrieved by the same browser and the site becomes accessible to the site visitor, who is using that browser.

As mentioned, web hosting plans can be of different types and can be availed for either Linux or for Windows. The main types of web hosting plans are as follows –

  • Shared Hosting

  • Dedicated Hosting

  • Reseller Hosting

  • VPS Hosting

  • WordPress Hosting

At first glance, it is obvious that WordPress Hosting is a certain type of web hosting service. What it exactly entails, is being mentioned next.

What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting refers to one of the many types of web hosting services. It is different from the other web hosting services, owing to the fact that it is meant specifically for WordPress sites. WordPress Hosting is essentially a web hosting service that is optimized for WordPress sites. The plans for WordPress Hosting are designed with such features that effectively meet the security and performance related requirements of WordPress sites. Most of the reliable web hosting service providers offer one-click WordPress installs and specialized technical support for WordPress sites through their WordPress Hosting plans.

Is WordPress Hosting Different from Web Hosting?

It might be evident by now that WordPress Hosting is a part of web hosting and not vice versa. Web hosting includes many services and WordPress Hosting is one of those services. Moreover, web hosting solutions can be of various types and cater to the different hosting requirements of different types of websites, whereas WordPress Hosting is a specific type of web hosting solution that caters to the hosting requirements of only WordPress sites.

If you are looking for a plan to host your WordPress site, then you will derive more value from a WordPress Hosting plan. If you are looking to host a site that is not a WordPress site, then you can choose any Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting or VPS Hosting plan, based on your site’s requirements and your budget.


Whether you need to opt for a WordPress Hosting plan or some other type of hosting plan, will depend on the type of site (WordPress or some other type) that you want to host, its hosting requirements and to a certain extent on your budget. It is advised that you opt for a hosting plan that is being offered by a reputed web hosting company. That is because professional web hosting companies shall always ensure that you receive reliable service.

HTS Hosting, which is a Top Web Hosting Company and a top-tier data centre, offers the most reliable and efficient web hosting plans, that include WordPress Hosting plans, at the most affordable prices. There is a variety of feature-rich plans provided by HTS Hosting, which offer the best web hosting at incredibly low prices. When you avail any of its hosting plans you get high uptime, fast page loads, secure service, user-friendly control panels, 24*7 expert technical support, seamless site availability, powerful site performance, outstanding service and much more, and that too within your budget.

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