How to Host a Website?

Websites serve as one of the most effective platforms for increasing the reach of any business or any other entity, conveniently and quickly and also in the most cost-effective manner. That is the reason for the constant rise in the number of websites that can be browsed over the Internet. During the course of the day, we browse countless websites for professional and often personal reasons. In this blog, we shall break down the process of making a website seamlessly available over the Internet to site visitors. This will help the uninitiated understand how a website becomes accessible online and also help website owners gain comprehensive knowledge on how to host their websites.

Website and Web Hosting

A website can be defined as a collection of web pages that are related, interlinked and publicly accessible over an active Internet connection. It is identified by a common domain name and is located under a single domain name. A website usually belongs to a single person, a group of persons or to an entity such as a business, organization, company, etc. Some examples of websites are,,, etc. The World Wide Web (www) refers to the collection of all the publicly accessible websites.

Web hosting is the service that is needed for keeping websites publicly accessible over an active Internet connection. It includes the technologies and the services that are needed for keeping websites up and running seamlessly. Web hosting is provided by web hosting companies as web hosting solutions. The provided web hosting solutions are purchased by website owners in the form of web hosting plans. These website hosting solutions offer web server space and web hosting features. The web hosting features, such as high uptime, user-friendly control panel, SSD storage, 24*7 technical support, etc. are meant for enhancing the efficiency of the web hosting services.

The web server space that is provided through various web hosting solutions is used for storing the files of either multiple websites or a single website, depending on the hosting solution. The stored files are processed on the same web server on which the files are hosted. These files are retrieved by the browsers of various site visitors, over an active Internet connection, rendering the hosted site/sites accessible to the site visitors.

Web hosting solutions are of several types, such as Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Self-managed VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting and WordPress Hosting. Different types of web hosting solutions are provided to cater to the different types of web hosting requirements of different types of websites.

Regardless of the type of site, every website needs to avail the service of web hosting in order to remain seamlessly accessible to website visitors.

Now that you know what web hosting is and why it is needed, we shall elaborate on the process of availing this service.

Hosting a Website

Before you opt for any web hosting service, you need to register a domain name for the website that has to be hosted. For quick and easy domain registration you can choose the world-class services of HTS Hosting, which is a Top Web Hosting Company. HTS Hosting also offers domain transfer services for those that want to transfer their registered domains.

The nest step in this process of rendering a website accessible online to site visitors is availing the service of web hosting. This service should be availed from reputed and professional service providers, such as HTS Hosting, which takes utmost care to offer the best hosting services at the most affordable prices.

Every reliable web hosting company with experience of offering web hosting services will provide a range of web hosting services to fulfil different types of hosting requirements. As mentioned previously, the most commonly available web hosting solutions are that of Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Self-managed VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting and WordPress Hosting.

You need to select a web hosting solution that best meets your website’s specific hosting requirements and your budget. For that you need to have an idea about these different types of web hosting solutions, which shall be touched upon in the next part of the blog.

Always opt for a web hosting service provider that is well-renowned and has enough experience as well as offers a range of hosting plans. Thoroughly research about the profile and the reputation of the web hosting company that you want to avail services from. You can go through online reviews and verified testimonials for this purpose. It is always advisable to opt for a service provider that operates from its data centre and is not merely a reseller of web hosting, as this enhances the credibility and the efficiency of the hosting services that are being provided. HTS Hosting has a competitive advantage in this regard, as it operates from its fully-equipped, totally secure and well-managed data centre, HTS Data Centre.

Look for plans that offer high uptime, fast page loading speed, secure hosting, user-friendly control panel and expert customer care service round the clock, among other web hosting features. These are some of the most essential web hosting features that need to be present in any web hosting plan.Once again, always opt for a plan that has the features needed for hosting your site effectively.

What Are Your Choices as Hosting Solutions?

Depending on the site’s hosting requirements, you can choose from among a host of web hosting solutions, such as Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting and Self-managed VPS Hosting. Two other types of web hosting solutions, Reseller Hosting and WordPress Hosting, serve specific web hosting purposes. Let us run you through, in brief, what each of these web hosting solutions entails. This will help you choose the most appropriate website hosting solution for your website.

  • Shared Hosting – It is recommended that those people opt for a Shared Hosting plan who are either looking for the most economical web hosting solution or who want to host a site that is less resource-intensive and does not have a specific need for dedicated server resources or server customization or enhanced site speed, augmented security and powerful site performance.

In Shared Hosting, multiple websites are stored and processed on a single web server, which results in the sharing of server resource and server space, as well as a common IP address among all the sites that are hosted on the same web server.

  • Dedicated Hosting–HTS Hosting offers a uniquely designed Dedicated Hosting service, wherein everything is similar to the service of Shared Hosting except the fact that every hosted site gets its own dedicated IP address that is unshared and belongs exclusively to the website.

  • VPS Hosting – VPS Hosting gets its name from the web servers that are used in it, which are VPS (Virtual Private Servers). This type of web hosting service is recommended for sites that are resourceintensive and which require dedicated server resources as well as have need for server customization, enhanced site speed, augmented security and powerful site performance.

In VPS Hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single web server but each of the hosted sites gets the environment of a dedicated server, with dedicated server resources, dedicated server space and a dedicated IP address. It is possible to customize the server in this type of web hosting.

VPS Hosting uses Virtualization Technology to virtually partition a web server into multiple, isolated, independent, virtual, private web servers. Each of these virtually created servers can function independently and install its own software and Operating System and successfully host a website. VPS Hosting can be availed as either Managed VPS Hosting, wherein the VPS is managed by the service provider or as Self-managed VPS Hosting, wherein the VPS is managed by the user.

  • Reseller Hosting – This type of web hosting service enables you to start the business of web hosting easily and quickly as a reseller, at minimum expenditure, the least amount of financial risk and without having to invest in purchasing any web hosting related infrastructure. As a reseller, you purchase web hosting services and resell those at higher prices to your own customers, earning profits.

  • WordPress Hosting – This is a specific type of web hosting service, which is meant exclusively for WordPress sites. It caters to the specific hosting requirements of WordPress sites, especially with regard to their speed and performance related requirements.

Depending on your web hosting requirement, you can choose a plan from any of the aforementioned web hosting plans, offered by a professional service provider.


To recapitulate, every website needs to avail the service of web hosting in order to remain accessible to site visitors. The first step in this regard is to register a domain name and then opt for a web hosting plan that caters to your hosting requirements as well as your budget. You can choose from Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Self-managed VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting and WordPress Hosting, depending on your requirement. Select a service provider that is reputed and professional and preferably operates from its own data centre.

HTS Hosting has earned the distinct reputation of delivering the best web hosting services to its global clients at the most affordable prices through its wide array of web hosting plans. You can avail the service of domain registration from HTS Hosting and subsequently choose your feature-rich, budget-friendly hosting plan from HTS Hosting’s official website,

24*7 customer care service is available to help you in this regard, ensuring your convenience at every step of the web hosting process.HTS Hosting offers not only seamless site availability, high uptime, exceptionally fast page loading speed,excellent service but also affordable prices and ensures the best hosting experience for every user of its web hosting services.

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