What Are the Different Solutions for Hosting a Site?

Want to boost your business by launching your website? Or planning to start a blogging site? Have you been toying with the idea of having an online store to generate more sales and expand your reach to a broader global clientele? No matter what your reason for creating your website is, having a website is definitely a step in the right direction. More so, in this day and age, where the use of the Internet has permeated into every walk of life. But merely creating a website does not automatically make it accessible to the whole world. You need to avail the service of web hosting, as a web hosting solution, in order to ensure that your business site or your blog or your online store or any other type of site that you might be planning to launch online, is accessible to website visitors.

This blog will provide information on not only web hosting as a service and how it functions but also make you aware of the different types of web hosting solutions that are available to you for launching your website online.

What Is the Role of Web Hosting?

An electrical appliance needs electricity to function, similarly a website needs the service of web hosting, browsers and a live Internet connection in order to remain seamlessly accessible online to website visitors. Here, we shall elaborate specifically on the role of web hosting, which is a service that every website needs to avail in order to remain up and running.

The service of web hosting, which is also referred to as website hosting, is offered by various web hosting companies, including HTS Hosting, which is a Top Web Hosting Company in India and abroad. Various technologies and services that are needed for keeping websites seamlessly accessible are part of web hosting. Web hosting is availed by website owners for ensuring that their websites can be accessed over an active Internet connection by website visitors. This service can be purchased from web hosting companies in the form of various web hosting solutions; each of which is sold as multiple web hosting plans.

Every web hosting plan, regardless of the web hosting solution, offers web server space and a host of web hosting features. This web server space is utilized for storing as well as processing the files of websites. The web hosting features are meant for the efficacy of the service of web hosting.

Once the service of web hosting has been purchased, the files of your hosted site get stored on the web server of your service provider and get processed on it, based on the request the server receives from the various browsers. The browsers of the Internet-connected devices of website visitors initiate communication with the web server in order to retrieve the stored files of your hosted website on it. The server receives the incoming requests and locates the hosted files in its storage, processes those and makes the files available for retrieval. As soon as these files become accessible on the Internet-connected devices of website visitors, your hosted site becomes accessible to the site visitors.

It is evident that in the absence of the service of web hosting, the required web server space won’t be available for websites to be hosted on and for their files to get subsequently retrieved from, by the browsers of site visitors who want to access these websites. That is why, availing the service of web hosting plays an extremely important role in the seamless online availability of every type of website.

The Different Types of Web Hosting Solutions that Are Available for Hosting Websites

In order to cater to the web hosting requirements of different types of websites, different types of web hosting solutions are made available. The main types of web hosting solutions are Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated Web Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Self-managed VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Reseller Hosting. Here, we shall elaborate on the first five web hosting services that have been mentioned. That is because Reseller Hosting is not meant for hosting individual websites but is a web hosting solution that enables you to start the business of web hosting easily, quickly, at minimum expenditure and at the least risk.

If you are looking to host your website, then you can avail an appropriate web hosting plan from a professional web hosting company, such as HTS Hosting, as either a Shared Web Hosting solution or as a Dedicated Web Hosting solution or as a VPS Hosting solution or even as a WordPress Hosting solution. This choice will depend primarily on the type of website that you are planning to host, its hosting requirements and your budget. Every web hosting solution caters to a set of web hosting requirements and different web hosting plans cater to different budgets. Most of the professional web hosting companies, including HTS Hosting, provide an array of web hosting plans to offer ample scope for making an ideal choice. HTS Hosting, which is considered as the Best Web Hosting Company, offers 24*7 customer care service for assisting prospective customers with regard to selecting web hosting plans that meet their hosting requirements and budgets.

As a website owner looking to launch your website, you can opt for either a Shared Hosting plan or a Dedicated Hosting plan or a VPS Hosting plan. In case you are looking to host a WordPress website, then you can choose a WordPress Hosting plan, which is meant exclusively for WordPress websites. A WordPress website can be launched online using any web hosting plan but availing a WordPress Hosting plan ensures that the hosting requirements of your WordPress site are met perfectly by this hosting plan. That is because, WordPress Hosting, as a web hosting solution, has been designed with features to cater to the specific hosting requirements of WordPress sites.

When you avail Shared Hosting, your website gets hosted along with several other websites on a web server. This results in the sharing of a common IP address, web server resources and web server space among multiple websites that are hosted on the same web server. HTS Hosting offers a range of affordably-priced Shared Hosting plans for Linux and for Windows that deliver fast speed, secure hosting and remarkable performance, despite the shared web server aspect of this type of web hosting service.

HTS Dedicated Hosting is a special type of web hosting service, which is similar to Shared Hosting in every aspect, except that it offers a dedicated IP address to every hosted site. At HTS Hosting, you can choose from an array of Dedicated Hosting plans for Linux and for Windows that can be purchased at budget-friendly prices.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are a special type of web servers that are used for storing and processing the files of the hosted websites in VPS Hosting. These servers utilize Virtualization Technology to deliver dedicated server resources, dedicated and private server space that is virtually created, along with a dedicated IP address to each of the hosted websites. In VPS Hosting, multiple websites do get hosted on a single web server but each of the hosted sites gets the environment of a dedicated server.

You can avail VPS Hosting as either Managed VPS Hosting or as Self-managed VPS Hosting. In the former, the expert and experienced team of your service provider, will manage your VPS. On the other hand, in the latter, you, as the user of the VPS, shall be responsible for managing it on your own without the assistance of your service provider. If you seek convenience with regard to server management and/or do not have the know-how to manage a VPS, then you need to opt for a Managed VPS Hosting plan. If you seek full control over the management of your server, as well as you have the required skills and knowledge to manage a VPS, then you should opt for a Self-managed VPS Hosting plan. HTS Hosting offers value-for-money VPS Hosting plans for Linux Managed VPS, Windows Managed VPS, Linux Self-managed VPS and Windows Self-managed VPS. These plans deliver unrivalled speed, security and performance at incredibly low prices.


Hosting a website by purchasing an appropriate web hosting plan from a reputed and professional service provider is a necessary step in ensuring the seamless online availability of any website. In order to host a website, plans can be chosen from Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Self-managed VPS Hosting and WordPress Hosting, depending on the website, its hosting requirements and to a certain extent on your budget. Shared Hosting being the most economical web hosting solution to avail and VPS Hosting being the most expensive, among the aforementioned web hosting solutions.

At HTS Hosting, you can easily find a web hosting plan that suits your budget and meets your hosting requirements. Expert assistance is also provided in this regard. With affordable and feature-rich web hosting plans, superior service, high uptime, the fastest page loads, secure hosting, top-notch site performance, outstanding technical support and much more to offer, HTS Hosting has been delivering the best web hosting to its global clients from its state-of-the-art HTS Data Centre.

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