What Should be the Must-Have Features in Your Web Hosting Plan?

It is estimated that as of January 2021 there were at least 1,829,268,586 websites, which were hosted online. This number has been rising steadily, which has led to an increased demand of web hosting services in a day and age where, as per reports of January 2021, almost 59.5% of the global population actively uses the Internet. This renders a website, which is publicly accessible online, as the perfect platform for all types of businesses as well as individuals to increase their global reach effectively, easily, instantly and in the most cost-effective way.

Now if you are planning to reap the several benefits that having a website offers, then you need to not only opt for an appropriate web hosting plan but also carefully consider the features that your web hosting plan includes. Why is that important? Consider this, a study concluded that 40% of consumers expect a website to load within a time span of maximum 2 to 3 seconds and if this expectation is not met, they will surely abandon that site. This emphasizes the need for the feature of fast page loading speed in your web hosting plan. This is just one of the many examples of how certain features that are part of your web hosting plan, play an important part in ensuring that your hosted site is effectively and seamlessly available to its target visitors.

In this blog, let us run you through a few of the most important features, rather, the must-have features, of any efficient web hosting plan.

What Is a Web Hosting Plan?

For the uninitiated, web hosting plans refer to those packages through which the service of web hosting can be purchased from a web hosting company. Web hosting is the service that makes it possible to access websites over an active Internet connection by various site visitors from different parts of the world.

It is website hosting that ensures the seamless online accessibility of every type of website by providing the services and the technologies that are needed for this purpose. If you have created a website and want it to become available over the Internet to website visitors, then you need to purchase web hosting in the form of a website hosting plan from a professional service provider, such as HTS Hosting, which is known as the Best Web Hosting Company.

Web hosting can be of different types, in order to effectively cater to the hosting requirements of different types of websites. Some of the main types of web hosting solutions are that of Reseller Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Self-managed VPS Hosting and WordPress Hosting. Each of these web hosting services is offered by web hosting companies through a range of web hosting plans. Every web hosting plan provides web server space for storing and processing the files of the hosted websites, as well as a set of certain web hosting features.

Next, we shall elaborate on some of the must-have web hosting features that should be present in a web hosting plan for ensuring its efficiency and the convenience of the users. Before we proceed to mention these must-have features, it needs to be said that you should always choose a web hosting plan that not only includes at least these features but also caters to your specific hosting requirements and your budget. Moreover, always avail your web hosting plan from a reputed and competent service provider that goes the extra mile to ensure the delivery of the best web hosting service, which HTS Hosting prioritizes.

The Important Features in Your Web Hosting Plan

If you think of it, every website needs to be seamless accessible and remain securely up and running at all times, to serve its purpose. Its web pages should load quickly and meet the expectations of the site visitors, with regard to not having to wait for more than 2 to 3 seconds for accessing the website. There should be the availability of technical support at all hours, for the convenience of the global users (website owners) of the service of web hosting. SSD storage should be provided, along with a control panel that is user-friendly. These are some of the most important features that have to be there in every efficient web hosting plan. Apart from this, you should also pay attention to the amount of bandwidth that you are getting and the number of concurrent sessions as well as how much RAM your hosting plan is providing. Whether you are getting a dedicated IP address or a shared IP address, which will depend on the type of web hosting solution that has been chosen, also needs to be taken into account. In short, take stock of your hosting requirements first and then choose a website hosting plan that is able to fulfil all your requirements at a budget-friendly price.Now, let us touch upon each of the aforementioned web hosting features.

  • High Uptime–It is one of the most important web hosting features for any website, regardless of its type. That is because every website needs to remain always accessible to its target site visitors. The higher the uptime, the more the seamless online accessibility of the hosted website. An uptime of 99.99% is considered as a pretty good indication of high availability for web hosting services. Always pay attention to the uptime that is specified in your hosting plan.

HTS Hosting guarantees the seamless online availability of every hosted website and offers high uptime in all its web hosting plans, whether those are for Linux or for Windows.

  • Fast Page Loading Speed–Another crucial feature for ensuring site revisits and for delivering remarkable user experience of a website, is its fast loading speed. When your web hosting plan includes fast speed as one of its hosting features, you can rest assured that the web pages of your site will load swiftly and your site will be successful at delivering a positive user experience. This feature, along with a perpetually high uptime, can ensure a competitive advantage for your hosted website, especially when compared to sites that are hosted on plans that lack these features. HTS Hosting excels at delivering the fastest page loading speed to all its users of hosting services.

  • 24*7 Technical Support –As the proverb says, “A stitch is time saves nine”. The availability of expert and prompt technical support not only helps resolve technical issues with regard to the service of web hosting quickly and effectively but also ensures that the downtime caused by such issues is reduced to a bare minimum. At HTS Hosting, expert customer care service will be available to you 24*7.

  • Powerful Security – Ensuring that the hosting services used by you are fully secure, should always be your priority. A reliable web hosting company, such as HTS Hosting, focuses on providing the most secure web hosting services by taking every possible measure for this purpose. There is an expert team at HTS Hosting, which works proactively and round the clock to ensure that the hosting services offered are end-to-end secure.

Moreover, the reliability of the web hosting services offered by HTS Hosting are accentuated by the fact that these services are delivered straight from HTS Data Centre, which is a top-tier, state-of-the-art data centre of HTS Hosting and houses its highly advanced infrastructure for providing the most secure and efficient web hosting services to its customers from all over the world.

  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel – A control panel is a web-based interface which enables the effective management of the users’ hosted services. As a prospective user of any web hosting service, you should pay proper attention to the inclusion of a user-friendly control panel in your web hosting plan. Some popular and easy-to-use control panels are ‘cPanel’ and ‘Plesk’, which you can avail based on the type of web hosting solution (Linux or Windows) that you opt for. HTS Hosting offers both, ‘cPanel’ and ‘Plesk’ in its various web hosting plans.

  • SSD Storage – The benefits offered by SSDs (Solid State Drives), such as durability and reliability, exceptionally fast speed, energy efficiency and their less weight as well as the emission of less noise by SSDs, place these on the list of must-have features in your chosen web hosting plan. HTS Hosting provides SSD storage, as a prominent feature, in its various web hosting plans.

The presence of these aforementioned web hosting features in your web hosting plan, apart from the other additional features, will ensure the efficacy of purchasing web hosting service for rendering your website seamlessly accessible online to site visitors.


The above-mentioned features are some of the must-haves that you need to look out for in a web hosting plan, before purchasing it. Always choose a plan that offers a set of hosting features which meets your web hosting requirements and is within your budget. It is recommended that you opt for a reliable and reputed web hosting company’s plan, such as that of HTS Hosting, which is not merely a reseller of web hosting services but owns its data centre and the entire infrastructure which is needed for delivering the highest standard of secure web hosting.

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