Comprehensive Information on Web Hosting

Without the service of web hosting, it won’t be possible to access websites over the Internet. The service of web hosting is that important and indispensable. What is web hosting? Why is it important? What is its role and what are its types? Here you will find comprehensive information on the service of web hosting, that needs to be availed by every website owner.

What Are Hosting Services?

Web hosting services, which are also referred to as website hosting services or simply as hosting services are services that are provided to ensure the seamless online availability of websites, so that site visitors can browse these sites over the Internet by using their browsers.

The service of web hosting is provided by service providers that are known as web hosting companies. This service is availed by website owners and it is needed by them for ensuring that their websites remain available over the Internet. Web hosting is offered as various web hosting solutions, such as Shared hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Self-managed VPS Hosting and WordPress Hosting. An appropriate web hosting solution is purchased in the form of a web hosting plan by every website owner from a certain web hosting company. This web hosting plan offers web server space to host the files of the website, whose owner has availed the service of website hosting. Every web hosting plan also offers certain web hosting features, which ensure the efficacy of the hosting service. A web hosting plan should be purchased based on the hosting requirements of the site.

The purpose of web hosting is to provide web server space for storing and processing the files of the hosted sites, along with all the technologies and services that are needed for keeping sites up and running and seamlessly accessible online.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

Web hosting companies, such as HTS Hosting, which is regarded as the Best Web Hosting Company, offer a range of web hosting plans for different types of website hosting solutions. These different types of hosting solutions are meant for catering to different types of hosting requirements of every type of website.

When a website owner purchases a particular web hosting plan, he/she purchases web server space, along with certain web hosting features. The files of his/her site are stored and processed on this availed web server space. It is from here, that the browsers that are being used by site visitors, retrieve the stored files and transfer those to the Internet-connected devices of the site visitors, so that the hosted site can become accessible to them. This is how every hosted site becomes accessible to site visitors. It is evident that the presence of web servers through the service of web hosting, an active Internet connection and web browsers, are a must for any site to become accessible online. In the absence of any of these three components, a site visitor cannot access a site.

Now, whether a hosted site is hosted by itself on a server, or it shares server space with other sites, depends on the type of web hosting service that has been availed. Next, let us touch upon the main types of hosting services and the corresponding web servers.

Web Hosting Types and the Corresponding Web Server Types

The main types of web hosting services, which have been mentioned previously, are Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting and WordPress Hosting. WordPress Hosting is meant for exclusively hosting WordPress sites and is designed with features to cater specifically to the hosting requirements of WordPress sites. On the other hand, Reseller Hosting is a specific type of web hosting service that lets anyone start the business of web hosting quickly and easily as a reseller, wherein minimum expenditure is involved along with the least financial risk.

The remaining three types of web hosting services, i.e. Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS Hostingare the web hosting solutions that are regularly availed for hosting websites and for ensuring their seamless availability to site visitors over the Internet.

In Shared Hosting, multiple sites are hosted on a single web server that is referred to as a Shared Server. Hence, such a web server stores and processes the files of multiple websites. This results in sharing of server space, server resources and a common, shared IP address among multiple sites that are hosted on the same web server. Due to the shared server aspect, this web hosting solution is the most economical but is not able to offer the feature of server customization.

Next, there are Dedicated Servers, wherein a single website is hosted on each web server. Hence, every site gets dedicated server resources, dedicated server space and a dedicated IP address. Additionally, it is possible to customize the web server when a Dedicated Server has been availed. That is because, the entire server space belongs to a single client, who can customize the server, based on his/her requirement. The dedicated, unshared server space augments security. The availability of dedicated server resources enhances site speed and site performance. A Dedicated Server has emerged as a popular hosting option due to the benefits that it has to offer.

Here it needs to be mentioned that the Dedicated Hosting service offered by HTS Hosting is a one-of-a-kind hosting solution and should not be assumed to be offering a Dedicated Server. In HTS Dedicated Hosting plans, several sites are hosted on the same web server and share server space as well as server resources but each of the hosted sites gets a dedicated IP address. In this type of web hosting service, the web server is a Shared Server but a dedicated IP address is provided to every hosted site. On the other hand, when a Dedicated Server is availed, the hosted site gets dedicated server resources, dedicated server space as well as a dedicated IP address. Hence, availing Dedicated Hosting offered by HTS Hosting and availing a plan for a Dedicated Server are two separate types of hosting solutions.

Is it possible to have the environment of a Dedicated Server on a Shared Server? Virtualization Technology has made that possible, through the service of VPS Hosting where Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are used as web servers.

A Virtual Private Server hosts multiple sites on a single web server but is configured to offer dedicated server resources, dedicated server space as well as a dedicated IP address, along with the flexibility to customize the server, to every hosted site. That is why, every site that is hosted on a VPS, gets to reap the benefits of enhanced site speed, augmented site security and outstanding site performance despite several sites being hosted on the same web server. A VPS can be managed by the service provider, wherein it is referred to as a Managed VPS or by the user of the VPS, wherein it is referred to as a Self-managed VPS. You can choose among these two options depending on your preference for managing the VPS yourself or letting it be managed by your service provider.


The service of web hosting keeps every website visitor seamlessly connected to the numerous websites that remain accessible over the Internet. This service is provided by web hosting companies through various web hosting plans for a range of website hosting solutions and is availed by website owners who want their websites to be up and running.

HTS Hosting, as a Top Web Hosting Company, has earned the reputation of delivering professional hosting services at the most affordable prices. HTS Hosting offers feature-rich web hosting plans for every type of web hosting solution, along with exceptional service wherein 24*7 technical support is provided to all the global customers.

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