How Is Linux Dedicated Server Different from Windows Dedicated Server?

Every website owner needs to host his/her website’s files on a web server, in order to render the site accessible over the Internet to website visitors. When you choose a web hosting plan for hosting your website, what you are essentially choosing is the type of web server on which your site will be hosted, as different hosting plans offer different types of web servers to host the files of websites on. In this context, what is a web server? How is a Linux Dedicated Server different from a Windows dedicated Server? This blog will help you find the answers to these questions and at the same time will make you aware of the benefits of hosting your site on a Dedicated Server.

Dedicated Servers: Servers Meant Exclusively for You!

A Dedicated Server is a web server that is meant exclusively for the use of a single client and/or it hosts a single website on each web server. Now, if you are new to the field of web hosting or have limited knowledge in this regard, then you might be wondering that what a web server is.We have made sure to include information on it, in brief.

A web server is a server that is used in the service of web hosting and space can be availed on it through a particular web hosting plan. Web hosting plans are offered by different web hosting companies, such as HTS Hosting, which is globally known as the Best Web Hosting Company.The role of a web server is to host websites that have availed the service of web hosting.

When a website owner purchases a web hosting plan, he/she is essentially purchasing space on a web server, along with certain web hosting features. The web hosting features are meant for ensuring the efficacy of the hosting service. The server space availed on the web server is used for storing and processing the files of the hosted site. The role of a web server is not merely storing and processing website’s/websites’ files but also receiving and responding to the incoming requests for these files that come from browsers of site visitors. When a web server receives an incoming request for the files of any hosted site, it locates those files in its storage and enables the convenient retrieval of the files by the browsers that had initiated communication with it. As soon as the files are delivered over the Internet, from the server to the devices of the site visitors whose browsers had started the communication process with the web server, the hosted site becomes accessible to the site visitors. Thus, the presence of a web server is of vital importance in the service of web hosting, which is meant for ensuring the seamless online accessibility of websites.

Now, a web server can be of three types, based on the number of sites that it hosts and how these sites are hosted. The type of web server on which your website’s files will get hosted, will depend on the type of website hosting plan that you have purchased. There are three types of web servers, Shared Servers, Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Depending on the types of hosting plan that you choose, your website will get hosted on either of these web servers. For example, a Shared Hosting plan will provide web server space on a Shared Server, a VPS Hosting plan will provide server space on a Virtual Private Server (VPS), etc.

Returning to our topic of Dedicated Servers, a Dedicated Server is one of the aforementioned three types of web servers. It hosts a single website or the files of a single client on a single web server. Hence, it stores and processes the files of a single site/client. It offers the flexibility to customize the web server, as well as offers dedicated server resources, a dedicated IP address and dedicated web server space.

Dedicated Servers have become a preferred hosting solution, especially for sites that require dedicated server resources, server customization, enhanced site speed, augmented site security and peak site performance. Since a Dedicated Server hosts a single site on every web server, it is able to deliver the full resources of the server to the hosted site. Due to this, a site hosted on a Dedicated Server is able to deliver powerful site performance and can be accessed at an exceptionally fast speed.As the web server space in a Dedicated Server is unshared, it enhances the security of the hosted site. A Dedicated Server is meant for the exclusive use of a single user and hence can be customized by him/her, based on his/her requirements.

You can opt for a Dedicated Server as either a Windows Dedicated Server or as a Linux Dedicated Server. What are these and how do these types of servers differ from each other? Find that out in the next section of the blog.

Linux Dedicated Servers and Windows Dedicated Servers

Every professional web hosting company, including HTS Hosting, offers plans for Linux Dedicated Servers and Windows Dedicated Servers. Both of these are Dedicated Servers and offer the same features and benefits. The difference between these two types of web servers is that of the Operating System (OS). A Windows Dedicated Server uses the Windows OS, whereas a Linux Dedicated Server uses the Linux OS. You can choose between a Windows Dedicated Server or a Linux Dedicated Server, based on your preference for a particular OS.

Web hosting companies offers various plans for each type of Dedicated Server. You need to choose a plan that not only caters to your preference for a particular OS (Windows or Linux) but also caters to your site’s hosting requirements and your budget.


Linux Dedicated Servers and Windows Dedicated Servers present two options for hosting websites on Dedicated Servers, which offer the benefits of dedicated server resources, dedicated IP address, dedicated server space and server customization. If you have a preference for Linux OS, then you should opt for a Linux Dedicated Server plan. On the other hand, if you have a preference for Windows OS, then a Windows Dedicated Server plan is perfect for you.

HTS Hosting, as the Best Linux Hosting Company as well as the Top Web Hosting Company, offers a range of hosting plans that include plans for Linux Dedicated Servers and Windows Dedicated Servers. These plans are full of features and are available at discounted prices. The Dedicated Servers of HTS Hosting, which deliver services from HTS Data Centre, offer high uptime, outstanding site performance, the fastest page loading speed and the most powerful security.

HTS Hosting provides 24*7 expert customer care service, wherein you will get full assistance for choosing your hosting plan, based on your requirements and budget. When you opt for the hosting services of HTS Hosting, wherein sites are hosted on powerfully configured web servers, you gain the best hosting experienceat affordable prices.

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