How Is Static Website Different from Dynamic Website?

Almost 95% of the internet is running on dynamic websites. Because a dynamic website provides much more features in terms of constant updates. Static is very different from dynamic website. Static websites are built on HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Static websites are built with basic functionalities. Static website has fixed amount of content and webpages. Developers cannot add different functionalities to static website. Whereas dynamic works with web programming. User can add different functionalities with improved design. Static website has fixed code. When you are designing static website. You don’t need high level of programming skills for designing static websites.

With both words – static and dynamic. They tell what these words are all about. Static gives us fixed whereas dynamic gives us constant changing.

Static Vs Dynamic Website

In terms of technicality, a static website is built with simple code. HTML and CSS are used in designing websites. But in dynamic complex functionalities are designed with different programming languages are used for designing webpages functionalities. There are many individuals who still prefer to use static website because of its easy to handle interface. Static website offers simple navigation.

Static Code Vs Dynamic Code

Static code is more into writing only HTML and CSS. In market, you will find different tools that are used to create simple HTML pages. For example – Adobe Dreamweaver is used to create HTML webpages. Developers simply drag and drop the functions for designing HTML webpages. But now days, there are many tools that are available on open source. Such tools give an easy-to-use option for creating static website. But in dynamic code, complex web programming is used. There are many programming languages that developers prefer for developing website functionality. Dynamic adds more functionality to the website. As it adds many features to the website. Dynamic website is more complex to handle and code. Dynamic websites are based on what developer’s code. Many developers use IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developing the website.

Static CMS Vs Dynamic CMS (Content Management System)

Static website does not have any feature for CMS. Whereas a dynamic website gives a feature of CMS. CMS gives an option for managing your website. As static has simple code functionality, it can be managed easily but difficult to manage each and every user. There are companies that are providing static website with CMS. But such CMS have no use. Because the static websites do not offer complex management system. CMS is more possible in dynamic websites.

Conclusion: –

Dynamic website and static website both offers different features. Static websites are very rarely used and dynamic websites are used more frequently. Most users prefer to use dynamic websites, as it offers more features, reliability and usability.

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