How Jeff Bezos dominate the cloud hosting market with AWS?

It’s been a while that AWS (Amazon Web Services) has captured market in cloud hosting. The cloud computing market is increasing incredibly. Almost 33.8 percent of market share is hold by AWS. Other cloud hosting providers like – Microsoft, Google and IBM total have 30.8 percent. Ongoing situation of pandemic has increases most businesses online. Many companies are working online and even elementary and high school education is now provided online. If we see history, AWS started its business with ecommerce. But with time AWS has started by providing cloud hosting services. Especially, AWS know how to make down its competitors.

AWS continuously reduces the cost of its users. That’s why consumers prefer choosing AWS. With a digital revolution AWS has grown very quickly and now AWS is on leading position in providing cloud hosting. AWS provides best in customer support for AWS cloud services. That’s reason customer wants to engage with their services. As AWS is always ready to help them. AWS provides easy to learn methods for using AWS resources. With its own certifications AWS is also getting into education sector. Now new comers are learning about AWS to get into Amazon. AWS has separately managed its sources for selling AWS cloud hosting and AWS learning resources.

Yes, there are other companies like – Microsoft, Google but AWS has more capability in terms of offerings of cloud hosting services. AWS has maintained its services for different reasons. While seeing that many users are shifting towards cloud hosting services. AWS spend massive amount of tools and services that lead cloud hosting services for enterpriser businesses. By providing an built-in integrated ecosystem, AWS has succeed for enterprise business to run their businesses in beneficial way. AWS has massive centers with full security and high networking machinery.

With its massive growth, AWS has tie up with “Vmware”. To provide cross platform services to their customers. AWS has maintained portability and reliability. AWS has given different options for running cloud hosting services. Users can manage cloud hosting on different OS’s. For now, CEO of Amazon has now started dominating other cloud hosting services. And is continuously growing towards increasing its resources for providing best cloud hosting services.

AWS is trying to monopolize market. This makes difficult to other hosting services for selling their services. There are many different companies who work for all type of enterprise businesses. Like – HTS hosting, our vision to fill up market gap for all customers. We don’t dominate other competitors. HTS hosting do have budget friendly plans to start or migrate your online businesses. So you can seamlessly work without any interruptions. We have our own datacenters and highly expert teams for managing such services and resources. HTS hosting seamlessly works with Windows hosting, Web hosting services.

But Jeff Bezos is dominating cloud hosting services and making difficult for others to be in the list of cloud hosting. According to experts, cloud hosting will become necessity for any business.

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