Why do Websites Need Professional Web Hosting?

Web Hosting

We live in a world where most of us are connected to the Internet at all times as well as rely on it significantly for professional and personal reasons. Numerous websites are browsed every day in order to meet the needs related to education, information as well as entertainment and for commercial purposes that have to do with buying and selling of products and services. These websites are made accessible through web hosting which is a service that is provided by web hosting companies. In web hosting, server space is provided to website owners. This server’s primary function is to store, process and finally deliver web contents to the clients. A web server manages client HTTP requests that have to do with web resources of its configured/served websites.

Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting can be of many types such as shared, dedicated, reseller, cloud, VPS etc.

In shared web hosting many websites are hosted on one web server. In this type of hosting a website shares the server with other websites. It is one of the most economical options for web hosting, which is its major advantage. Limited resource availability, slow speed and more vulnerability with regard to security risks are its main disadvantages.

In dedicated web hosting an entire server is leased by a client. Since the server is not shared with anyone else, the client has full control over the server. It offers better performance, greater control and more security but it is comparatively more expensive.

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting wherein a hosting service provider rents hard drive space as well as bandwidth to another business who rents these to third parties. One more type of hosting is cloud hosting, in which the data of a website is spread across multiple servers that are interconnected. In it different servers are used to balance load and maximize uptime. Last but not the least is VPS hosting. VPS is the acronym for Virtual Private Server. In VPS hosting, each user of the server can access a virtual machine which runs its own copy of an operating system. Hence, the clients of VPS hosting get to experience most of the advantages of a dedicated server at a much lower price.

Terms such as the “Best Windows Hosting”, the “Best Dedicated Linux Hosting”, the “Top Cloud Hosting” refer to various types of web hosting services.

Benefits of Professional Hosting

Every website serves a purpose and aims to have more and more traffic. For this purpose it is extremely important to avail professional web hosting services. Web hosting service providers have experience and expertise in the field of hosting. Their professional service boosts a website’s performance and helps to keep it up and running without any hindrance. Speed, security and high uptime come along with any reputed web hosting service.

Moreover, every reliable hosting company provides round the clock technical support to provide expert assistance whenever any technical issue crops up. This immediate assistance ensures that every problem is resolved swiftly and the website is up again for users to access it without any problem. If this support is lacking and a website remains inaccessible for a long period of time, it can lose a significant amount of web traffic. For any website that carries out online business, this can result in a loss of potential customers and revenue. These customers can opt for the services and products of a rival website, which is highly undesirable for any business. If a website remains inaccessible for longer durations and frequently then this can not only damage its reputation but also result in it losing its potential as well as many of its existing customers to its competitors whose sites are constantly available.

There are many more benefits of opting for a professional hosting service. One of these is the powerful security that is provided. Web hosting service providers keep abreast of the latest security threats and take all the proper measures to thwart cyber-attacks. When one does not avail professional hosting one usually remains devoid of advanced security tools and a professional system that takes care of web security effectively. This makes one’s site more vulnerable to security threats. Professional web services carry out security audits, virus scans, spam filtering and constantly fix any security loophole to keep the server safe from cyber-attacks.

Another major advantage of a professional web hosting service is that data recovery becomes possible as well as easy because data backups are maintained at all times and are always available. The data of every website is important and crucial to its owner. Hence, it needs to be kept secure with regular data backups of the most recently updated content. Professional web hosting ensures that its client’s website’s data is backed up and stored securely, so that it can be retrieved quickly if the need arises.

These are some of the most important reasons which make it essential for website owners to opt for professional web hosting services that ensure the best performance for their site along with its high and consistent online availability.

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