What is Domain Privacy?

For any user privacy matters a lot. No individual wants to share their search history. For users, privacy is the utmost important thing. In recent times we can see numerous cases regarding privacy. In general term, privacy can be considered right to be alone. With new innovation, users are becoming more serious for their online privacy. Many users spend heavy amount of money while surfing online. Users don’t want any kind of breach on their privacy. Whenever you ask someone about privacy. They will straightly think about data breaches, bugs on the websites, social network attacks and there are tons of way to hack someone that creates a new define. Most of the users spend their time online. They want everything on single click. If there is an involvement of money, definitely you will found online platforms accepting money, But with a suspicious eyes. There are many online platforms that shows and provide full proof security while making any financial transactions. Many websites, mobile applications has embedded security policies with fully secure code. But they still faces lot of issues regarding cyber-attacks. The same privacy comes to domain privacy.

Whenever you register for new domain. You are putting your personal details on them. You need full-proof security. Most details related to website owner and website are stored on public database. That means any user can view details about your website. Many attackers only require basic information about the website to penetrate. HTS hosting, the best hosting company in India provides different web hosting plans. HTS also cares about the security – https://www.htshosting.org/knowledge-base/website-security/4/easy-ways-to-ensure-website-security that’s why we are also giving ID protection add-on to the domain name. HTS hosting ID protection is Rs 299/ year. There are lot of tools and techniques that are used in finding sensitive information about the target website. Mask your website with ID protection. Privacy becomes really important when you are planning to start your business online. ID protection also helps in blocking spamming such as – unnecessary sales calls, gift/ offer email and much more.

You website assets are on risk. Hackers can fetch sensitive information and then such information can be sold by data selling companies. We can see many giant social networks are selling their users data to data mining companies. There are different reasons of not choosing ID protection. Your competitor might know lot about products and services.

Benefits of ID Protection: –

Below are listed ways that are used in protecting your website. Many website owners don’t wonder because their websites only provides information. But such user’s needs to lookout their website privacy.

Secure Your Personal Information: –

WHOIS database is very popular that is used to find information about the website. For some cyber experts it is very easy to find enough information about your company and your product.

Block the spam: –

Using ID protection you are easily cut with different promotion companies, spammers. Your domain provider will send you an email and ensures to stopping of phishing emails. Phishing is another method to obtain your login credentials.

Become Anonymous: –

Anonymous relates to become hidden from hackers, spammers. You information won’t be available on public database. ID protection keeps your information safe and secure.

Easy-to-use: –

ID protection is easy to manage, while purchasing domain name from HTS hosting. You just have to add ID protection.

Conclusion: –

Domain privacy should be taken seriously while purchasing new domain name. Connect with HTS hosting https://www.htshosting.org to get best plan with ID protection.

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