Benefits of Dedicated Server

Dedicated server means you have entire web server. There are numerous benefits for dedicated server. Dedicated server is not shared with anyone.

Benefits of dedicated server are: –
  • Complete root access of dedicated server – When you have entire server, you can manage resources and you will see significant advantages as compared to shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The server’s disk space, bandwidth, RAM, etc., can be managed by yourself. You can install your own software and configure settings and access to the server logs. Root is the main advantage of dedicated server. You can run your applications and you can also implement server security practices. You can also install different operating system through your hosting provider.

  • Manage your business flexibly – Dedicated server contains all your business needs. With a dedicated server, you can decide and implement your own server configuration. As your business grows you can add more or modify existing configurations and applications. Dedicated server gives more flexibility when new opportunities arises. If your business requires constant upgrade than dedicated server is your platform. Now day’s customer requires higher expectations. They want to access service and with very high expectations. Dedicated server loads web page at very lightning speed and provide best experience.

  • Improves reliability and performance with dedicated server – Reliability is one of the benefits of dedicated server. Dedicated server gives peak performance and reliability. Reliability minimal server crashes are very less. Your website can handle heavy web traffic because dedicated server comes with large amount of disk space. If your website homepage contains images and videos, you have enough amount of bandwidth you require. Dedicated server contributes to optimum customer experience. A dedicated server provides foothold on web without any upfront expenses. You have exclusive server and it is completely yours. Don’t overlook technical. Your organization IT team can handle your website.

  • Dedicated server security – One of the most important benefit of dedicated server that you have complete access. Dedicated server is completely isolated from other servers. Dedicated server offers great security such as: -Malware and hacks – It offers host’s monitoring, strict access control and secure firewalls. This free you to concentrate on your business.

  • Freedom to implement as per your needs – Dedicated server gives a freedom to manage security according to your needs. You can set high level of security. You can install your applications on the server. Such applications can include new layers of access control and security. With your own implemented security, you becomes more confident with dedicated server. You are completely sure about customer and business data because of isolation.

Conclusion: –

Dedicated server has many benefits in terms of disk space, security, allocating resources, etc. Connect with HTS Hosting, best hosting company providing Windows shared hosting, Linux dedicated hosting and other reliable hosting services.

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