Colocation Hosting

Data center is a separate technical space with guaranteed storing data conditions. Physical security involves temperature regime, hardware security, uninterruptible power supply, fire safety and many more. Colocation is the advanced and most flexible concept to offer top-rated services used in web hosting. Colocation hosting offers high-level hardware and software services in which real physical machine is rented to customer. You can control machine via SSH terminal and remote desktop.

Colocation Hosting: –

Colocation gives the possibility of distributing same service on numerous physical machines which are allocated in unique slots. It has desktop computer form that can connect using routers, switches and other similar network devices analogues. You can have complete freedom to choose hardware and software. Free space is only limited by technical attributes. Colocation hosting is very convenient in high web traffic resources since the speed of data exchange significantly increases. For small resources you can use colocation. But with time, it has grown fully-fledged portal that requires more space and technical support.

Colocation Hosting Advantages: –

  • Colocation saves money in different ways. Purchasing equipment for your needs or you can rent equipment from a company providing colocation services. You can easily configuration and connect the necessary options to evaluate its cost and performance.

  • You can calculate other costs such as – installing fire alarm, security, rack cabinet, air conditioning, allocating room, rack cabinet and much more.

  • It is often more profitable to move server to place where you can debug everything.

  • You can use server power all alone. You can also do overclocking. When you have grown business it will be no longer fit on one server. You can easily buy several other servers/ units in same data center without losing control.

  • Reliability of one data center is higher than its average statistical room. You can save human resources. It is more profitable to outsource such tasks to professionals.

Colocation Hosting Disadvantages: –

  • Companies do provide service in large cities. But it become challenge to found suitable provider.

  • Colocation has higher cost from other types of hosting.

  • There is another floating cost of service depends on the volume of web traffic and the used internet.

  • If you’re current requirement matches colocation hosting. Then it is best to go this hosting.

  • Colocation hosting makes its owner king. You have full control over everything related to your servers.

Choosing Colocation: –

  • There are many applications that require additional security. Organizations invest for their own needs. Colocation clearly states that no one will going to organization server.

  • When you choose colocation provider, ask whether they are proactively maintaining and updating their data center.

Are you planning migrating to colocation hosting, go through follow points: –

  • Shared facility – Colocation offers shared cost of power, cooling, data center and communication. It is low in cost than building a new data center.

  • It is best for businesses that asks for full control. Companies can maintain their own tools same way they do when servers are installed in-house.

  • It addresses limitations of data center. Instead of building a new data center. Businesses can assign new data center.

Conclusion: –

Hence, colocation hosting has its own pros and cons. choosing colocation hosting depends upon your requirement. For further assessment regarding other types of hosting. Connect with HTS Hosting best website hosting company providing Managed Linux VPS Hosting, Cheap Windows VPS Hosting and other hosting plans.

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