How to Monetize your WordPress Blog?

WordPress, a popular blogger website has covered almost 40% market share. With blogging we do get many options for monetizing and earning. It might take time but you can monetize your blogging website.

Follow below points to monetize your WordPress blog: –

  • Place Display ads – The simplest to monetize WordPress blog is by displaying ads. Such ads appear on your webpages as static display, popups or native ads. If you think that it is the right direction for your website. You can install WordPress theme with ad space. The two common payment models for displaying ads are PPI (pay per impression) and PPC (pay per click) for your WordPress website. To place display ads, bloggers need to partner with advertising companies. These companies pair advertisers with websites to host ads. Your network will pay for your ads clicks/ impression and determine that which ad will appear on your website. Another way is Google AdSense. Google AdSense is free and easy to use. It offers widest pool of targeted ads of any network.

  • Affiliate Marketer – Compared to advertisements. Affiliate marketing promotes third-party products in their blog content. They mention products in blog posts and place special affiliate links which visitors can follow and can purchase product on third-party website. Affiliate links are tagged with unique tracking code. Tracking code signals to merchant traffic came from blog. When visitors purchase your product on their website through your affiliate link. You might receive a slice of revenue.

  • Write sponsored blogs – If you’re writer, you can get sponsorships in which brands can pay you to mention or review their products in your posts. While devoting entire posts, product take more effort. You can earn lot more than affiliate marketing and display ads. And if you’re regularly publishing reviews. You can connect and earn good revenue with brands.

  • Self exclusive content – You can create premium content that covers topics within blogging niche. If you are thinking what value you will provide readers, consider one of the following content types: –

  • Exclusive Posts – These posts provide value to your free points. It can be entirely new pieces or they could expand existing post
  • Printable Blog Posts – Another option is converting your large posts into printable PDFs.

  • Ebooks – Ebooks are the well suited for blogs and articles. They’re affordable and you can create one from old blog content.

  • Sell Merchandise – If you have effective readers for your WordPress website. You can support and promote your brand. You can also physical products on your website through online store. There are many free and paid WordPress ecommerce plugins that stores component to your existing blog.

Conclusion: –

WordPress is so flexible, there are plenty of ways to get good revenue from a WordPress blog. All listed strategies for monetizing your WordPress blog has own pros and cons. All methods require stable and decent word to generate returns. For WordPress blog you need best hosting provider like HTS Hosting. HTS Hosting, top cloud hosting company providing Linux hosting, cPanel hosting and other web hosting plans.

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