Protect your Server Data in Low Cost

Company security is never been a critical to handle. If you take basic security measures for securing company infrastructure as well as its data. You are secure. But if you are not taking basic security measures you might face data breaches on regular basis. All businesses need to keep their company’s data at the front of their minds. What you can do to step up security of your company? You don’t need to buy expensive hardware equipment. You can follow below steps to beef up your data security: –

Update your System Regularly – One of the worse thing, company do is to ignore updates on your servers and on your devices. Many times such updates include security patches that are required to keep your hardware away from security vulnerabilities and bugs. Without those security patches, you are opening yourself to various cyber-attacks. However, update might consume time but it should be considered as crucial step to make your company’s data secure.

Always stay in the line – If you’re from IT department. One of your duty is to stay up and keep up with latest security warning and threats. If you’re staying and knowing what’s going in the World of PC security. You know all the latest threats and know newest technology and you know to keep those threats at bay. If you’re sure to keep tabs on security alerts and keep an eye on company’s products than you’re far away from cyber-attack.

Enforcing Password Policies – Ensure that your passwords are strong and they’re changed in every 30-60 days without any fail. This should be applied on wireless security as well as on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) that are connected with company’s wireless network. Changing password can be a pain but if you’re serious about security, this should be considered important.

Avoid offering open wireless – Offering open wireless for some company’s is a necessity. However, that doesn’t mean that you are telling password to each and every person. Create a strong password and give password to only required person. Create a policy to change password weekly. Another method you can try to make business network and public wireless network completely different. Open wireless might be connected to the server. Attacker might take advantage of open wireless and tries to get enter inside the server.

Get strict on policy breakers – You’ve managed all the things to manage your company policy. If the employee is going through defined policies your company data is fully secured and if employee is going undermines those policies. Your data is no longer secure. Security policies have zero tolerance for any kind of attack or breach. Once your employees have fully understood how serious the issue is your security, it will be easier to enforce.

Restrict root access – Root access gives all the privileges. With root access you can define new rules for each user. You can handle all the data. You know all the passwords. Restricting root access to limited users. Give root access to only required users.

Conclusion: –

Protecting server data in low cost might require bit of alertness. Not every company can handle high expenses in security. Follow above steps to lower your cost in protecting server data. For best web hosting solutions with complete protection you opt for HTS Hosting services. HTS Hosting, cloud hosting company providing windows dedicated hosting, Linux shared web hosting and other web hosting plans.

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