Purpose of SSL

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the backbone for securing a website. SSL protects sensitive information that is transmitted to web server. SSL is very essential for protecting your website. Even your website doesn’t handles sensitive information like credit/ debit card details or any login details. You must apply SSL to your website. SSL provides privacy, critical security and data integrity to your website and your user’s personal information.

SSL Encrypts Sensitive Information: –

Primary reason for implementing SSL is used to encrypt and keep sensitive information across the internet so that only intended recipient can access it. This is very important because the information you send on the internet is paused from computer to computer to get destination server. Any computer between you and the server can see your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords and other sensitive information if SSL is not implemented. When an SSL certificate is implemented, the entered sensitive information becomes unreadable to everyone. Thus, sensitive information is protected by the spammers and hackers.

SSL Authentication: –

In addition to encryption, SSL provide authentication make sure that you’re sending information to the right server and not to an imposter trying to steal your information. Nature of internet means that your customer will often sending information through several computers. Any of these computers could pretend to be a legitimate website and trick user into sending personal information. Why SSL providers are important? Trusted SSL providers like web hosting companies only issue an SSL certificate to a verified companies. Such SSL providers go through several identify checks. There are certain SSL certificates like EV SSL certificate requires more validation than other certificates.

SSL Provide Trust: –

Web browsers gave visual cures. Such as – lock icon and green bar. This is to make sure that visitors know their connection is fully-secured. The green bar or lock icon shows that your website is fully trusted and whey they see such cues. They will more likely to buy services and products from you. SSL providers will give more trust that instills trust in your customers. HTTPS protects against phishing attacks. A phishing email that is sent by a cyber-criminal who tries to portray your website. Such kind of emails include a link to their own website and even uses MITM (Man-in-the-middle-attack) to use their target domain name. Such cyber-criminals won’t get any SSL certificate. Cyber-criminals won’t be able to perfectly impersonate your company website. This clearly shows that website users will be less likely to fall for phishing attacks. Because they will look at trust indicators in their web browsers.

Google makes SSL mandatory in 2018: –

For safer web browsing experience from 2018. Google decided to flag all the websites that are not using SSL/ TLS certificate installed on their website. If any website fails to comply with this rule. All the popular web browsers used around the users and companies will give warning message of “Not Secure” in the URL address bar. There is also a possibility that web browser may even block such website to load on the web browser. From a single page website to large enterprise website. SSL is mandatory and by not following may result in loss of visitors.

Conclusion: –

How a website owner will feel safe if your website warned you about “not secure”? Because such kind of warning will be shown in web browser if you’re not using any SSL. For using SSL you require finest web hosting services. For best hosting services connect with HTS Hosting, top cloud hosting company providing Linux Dedicated Server Hosting, windows vps hosting and other web hosting plans.

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