What Is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is meant for the exclusive use of a single client and offers a significant boost in performance, along with a slew of benefits, that have ensured a constant rise in its popularity. Here, we will shed light on what a Dedicated Server is and provide information on the benefits that it offers.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are web servers that are used in web hosting for hosting websites, in order to render the hosted sites accessible to site visitors over the Internet. As a web server, a Dedicated Server hosts a website by storing and processing the files of that website, as well as receives and responds to the requests of browsers for the files of the hosted site. This is what every web server does. What is unique about a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is different from a Shared Server and a Virtual Private Server (VPS), as it doesn’t host multiple websites on a single web server. Rather, a Dedicated Server hosts a single website on a single server. Hence, a Dedicated Server is meant for the exclusive use of a single client. This ensures that the full resources of the server are available for utilization by the hosted site, which offers distinct benefits that include enhancement in site loading speed and powerful site performance. Since a single site is hosted on a Dedicated Server, it is possible to customize the server as per requirement. Moreover, the unshared server space offers augmented security to the hosted site. In this way, a site hosted on a Dedicated Server is able to reap the benefits of peak site performance, unrivalled page loading speed and the most secure hosting.

Since a Dedicated Server hosts a single site on each server, it is able to provide a dedicated IP address, dedicated server resources, dedicated server space and server customization to the hosted site. Dedicated Serves are a preferred choice for hosting resource-intensive sites (sites that get a lot of web traffic, sites of big businesses, etc.), e-commerce sites and sites that require server customization and/or dedicated server resources for enhanced site security, the fastest page loading speed as well as outstanding performance.

If you are looking for a dedicated IP address and dedicated server resources in your hosting plan, among other features, and you do not want to share server space with any other website, then hosting your site on a Dedicated Server is the perfect option. How do you host your site on a Dedicated Server? That’s next.

How to Avail Server Space on a Dedicated Server?

If you want to reap the benefits that a Dedicated Server has to offer, then you need to purchase a plan for a Dedicated Server from a professional service provider of web hosting, such as HTS Hosting, which is regarded as a Top Web Hosting Company. Most of the reputed web hosting companies, including HTS Hosting, offer plans for Linux Dedicated Servers and Windows Dedicated Servers. You need to choose and purchase such a hosting plan for a Dedicated Server that meets your site’s hosting requirements, as well as your budget. Here it needs to be added that HTS Hosting offers expert assistance to every prospective customer, so that he/she can easily find the best hosting plan, which is within his/her budget.


A Dedicated Server offers dedicated server resources, dedicated server space, a dedicated IP address, server customization and many more benefits to the hosted site, by hosting a single site on every server. When you opt for a Dedicated Server, you will have the entire server to yourself as its exclusive user!

HTS Hosting offers powerfully configured, fully-secure Windows Dedicated Servers and Linux Dedicated Servers, through feature-rich plans that can be availed at discounted prices. Boost site performance, site speed and the security of your site by hosting your website on aDedicated Server of HTS Hosting!

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