Which is better for WordPress: Linux or Windows Hosting?

There are three things that you should have to establish your business online. Domain, Hosting and a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. In this blog, we will talk about which operating system you should use for hosting a WordPress website. To get WordPress hosting, you can visit the website of HTS Hosting.

Both Linux and Windows hosting use different technologies that may not be compatible with every website. This is why you should decide your priorities beforehand. In this blog, we will talk about the server operating system and the major difference between Linux and Windows hosting. So without further ado, let’s begin.


Every server needs an OS, just like we have one for our desktops and laptops. Many people aren’t concerned about which OS they are using. Actually, they need not think about it since most people have only one website to host. This is for individuals who want to delve deeper into server settings and want to know what choices are currently accessible. WordPress is mostly used by people on Linux. Now let’s look at some of the points about the Linux OS-

1: It is one of the most commonly used by people.

2: The Linux OS is compatible with Cpanel.

3: It is cheaper than the Windows OS.

4: Safer than the Windows OS because it’s open-source

The Windows OS has the following features-

1: It is simple to set up and configure.

2: It uses cloud-based technologies.

3: Developing web applications is easy.

It is worth mentioning here that if you sign up for shared hosting, you will not have the option to choose any of the OS.

Comparison of Linux and Windows

1: Compatibility

Large organisations typically use the Windows OS because it is compatible with other types of Windows applications and provides greater flexibility to users. On the other hand, Linux is not suitable for these applications.

2: Security

Both the OSs are prone to hacking, but the Windows OS is more likely to face this.

3: Stability

Linux is more stable as it rarely requires a reboot option, while the Windows system encounters more issues because of using multiple applications.

4: User Interface

In terms of the user interface, Windows is easy to use because of familiarity with the dashboard, which is not the case with Linux. The learning curve for getting used to the Linux system is steep because it is based on functions and syntax.

5: Cost

Linux is an open-source software which is freely available. Also, Linux servers have been running on the same server for years, and fewer changes and scaled operations make it a cost-effective option.

6: Speed

Linux is faster than Windows as it is lightweight and it has easy-to-use resources.

When to choose Linux as the OS for WordPress

Linux is better for WordPress as it runs on PHP, which is hard to configure on Windows. The Microsoft Access database is not as reliable as MySQL, and it may cause your website to slow down. Also, there is no licencing cost for Linux, so you can easily find hosting running on this OS. HTS Hosting provides Linux shared web hosting at very affordable rates.

As mentioned earlier, Linux is open-source software, so many developers contribute to making it better. So, choose Linux for WordPress.

When should you use Windows OS for WordPress?

If you intend to use SQL,.NET, and ASP, you should use Windows OS.HTS Hosting provides Windows dedicated hosting as well.

To conclude, you should choose that option which goes well with the CMS. However, many people believe Linux is a cheaper option for them. We hope you found this blog useful. If you are looking for the best hosting company, then check out the website of HTS Hosting.

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