9 Most Common Cloud Hosting Myths

When it comes to cloud hosting, there are many myths surrounding it. These misconceptions hinder the innovation and growth of any business. Cloud hosting is more mainstream than a couple of years ago, but these myths continue to persist. HTS Hosting is the best cloud hosting company in many ways. They provide round-the-clock support with a fast response, which is evident from their customer reviews.

This blog will get to know the most common 9 myths about cloud hosting. By the end of this blog, you will better understand cloud hosting. Now let’s look at the points:

1: Only One Cloud Strategy is Sufficient

There is an increase in the number of companies that require multi-cloud strategy vendors/strategy. However, some companies still prefer single vendors. It should be noted that cloud services vary in terms of size, specifications, and models, so you cannot rely on a single strategy or vendor.

A good cloud strategy can use multiple cloud services as the needs vary from time to time. However, it is wrong to think that one vendor can fulfil all kinds of requirements for cloud hosting. A single strategy might work for some companies, but it doesn’t for most cases.

2: Multi-Cloud Prevents Lock-In

In most cases, a company will start with only one cloud provider; however, as time goes on, they may become concerned about being dependent on a single service provider. As a result, they will consider another service. Multi-cloud is the term for this. In addition, a functionality-based approach can be attributed to the multi-cloud as well. However, companies mustn’t rely on a multi-cloud strategy to avoid lock-in.

3: The Cloud is Not as Safe as On-Premises Computing

For many people, cloud computing is not as safe as on-premises computing. They think that it is less secure. On the other hand, Cloud computing has fewer breaches than on-premise computing. With that being said, we are not saying that the cloud is entirely safe. There can be some shortcomings in the cloud as well. Therefore, we suggest that you opt for cloud computing for additional functionalities or features, understand the system, and then decide whether or not it is a safe option.

4: The Cloud Should be Used for Everything

There are many scenarios where the cloud may seem to be a better option, such as high or unpredictable workloads. However, there can be many workload situations where the cloud may not be beneficial for the business. Therefore, you should be ready to experiment with some other options that can be non-cloud as well. HTS Hosting is a top cloud hosting company that offers cloud services at an affordable rate.

 5: It’s All About Money in the Cloud

The cloud will save you a lot of money in certain situations, but that should not be the only reason to move your business and services to the cloud. You will save money when you have done proper analysis and research about the cloud and its benefits offered to you. Hence, saving money can only be one of the options for many to choose the cloud.

6: Moving to the Cloud is the Only Solution

There are several paths through which one can move to the cloud, such as rehosting, which is done through infrastructure as a service, or by moving applications, which is done through Software as a Service (SaaS). Once a business gets used to using the cloud, they try to use it for everything.

As a business, you should have realistic expectations and understand the model completely to maximise its benefits. Also, you need to focus extensively on post-migration services to benefit from the cloud.

7: You Have Little Control Over Your Data

Companies have a misconception that they will lose control over their apps and systems without proper hardware at the premises. In reality, when companies move to the cloud, their employees can access the system from anywhere, which provides a lot of flexibility in operations. HTS Hosting is the best cloud server hosting company when you need to migrate to the cloud.

8: Cloud Migration Might be Inconvenient

Several companies believe that moving to the cloud is a cumbersome process, as transferring apps, data, and systems can take a lot of time. However, good hosting companies like HTS Hosting make this entire database migration seamless with almost no downtime.

9: Analytics and Storage are the Only Benefits of the Cloud

Analytics and storage are indeed great benefits of the cloud, but its various uses and features are the real game-changers. The cloud is a boon for every type of business, and therefore, you should opt for it if you find it beneficial for your business.

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