VPS Hosting for Beginners

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If you are unaware about the world of website designing and VPS hosting, then this blog would assist you a lot in understanding the basics. Developing your website has become quite popular now for both pleasure and business purposes. And various hosting provider companies will provide you the guidance of this complex route.

In this blog, let’s measure all the parameters of the things that you should know about VPS hosting and the basic understanding of website creation. It might sound a bit complicated but it becomes quite easy once you start working on it and eventually becomes used to it.

One of the most important things is to understand the actual meaning of VPS hosting.

When a website is created, it’s significant to hire a web hosting company to host your website on their server. A server is a well-built computer that grants permission on the internet to access and connect with your website. The most affordable option for a web hosting service is shared hosting in which various users and websites are hosted by a single server. All the resources of the server are shared between the users and are up for sale which is subsequently dependent on the user’s requirements.

VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) is the same thing apart from one major difference. A Virtual Private Server has been segmented into several mini virtual servers. Predominantly, the companies providing VPS hosting services follow virtualization to create multiple virtual machines on a single server. Moreover, each virtual server will work independently.

The next question that arises in our mind is what is the benefit of having a virtual server??

Well, with shared hosting services, the resources of a single server are assigned to multiple users depending on who requires them. For instance, if one website requires more bandwidth or memory, then the other sites of the same server will pull that away. Therefore, one website with immense traffic could lead to the slowing down of other websites due to more memory demand.

However, this would never happen with VPS hosting because each virtual server is allotted with its resources. Therefore, a user can only use server resources as per his allotment. That means, no other website would be able to access your resources and your site will be independent of others. Fundamentally, a VPS hosting is like a mini dedicated server without paying a large amount as it goes with a dedicated server hosting.


VPS hosting is also favored by various users due to the safer environment it provides. As discussed above, with shared hosting, you don’t know anything about the other users with whom you are sharing your server space. Therefore, if one of the websites on your shared server gets hacked, then there is a higher possibility that your website would face the consequences as well.

Furthermore, if one of the sites gets blocked due to its content, then your website could be blocked as well due to the same shared IP Address. However, this doesn’t happen with Virtual Private Server because you will be assigned your IP Address.


One of the most beneficial features of VPS hosting is its scalability. For instance, if your website is not using all the resources, then it will be downgraded to a lower virtual server. But in case you are growing your website and consistently using resources, then the resources will be easily adjusted to accommodate your requirements.

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