Key features Look for in a Windows Hosting Company?

As soon as you are determined that you are opting for a Windows server hosting, the next most important thing is to search and find out the right and the best windows hosting company to fulfill your business needs or requirements. While you are searching for your options in terms of a web hosting company, here is a list of some of the main features that you should admire.


Well, when it comes to the reputation for stability, then Linux hosting persists an upper hand over Windows hosting. Thus, opting for the right web hosting Provider Company can make all the difference in the world in terms of maintaining the consistency of your website. It’s important that your web hosting company should offer you a 99.9% uptime, and then only your hosting company can offer 24*7 accessibility of your website to your visitors.

If you go for HTS hosting, then we also offer a money-back guarantee in some of our hosting plans. As discussed above, Windows server hosting is not considered to be as reliable as Linux hosting services but if you go for a reliable web hosting company, then the company knows how to take care of those consequences.


If you go through the reviews of various web hosting plans which are available from different web hosting companies, only then you can end up making an informed decision in order to finalize the right web hosting company. Go for the reputation of the different web hosting plans in the larger industry as well. Check out the third party reviews about the plan and hosting company in order to get an unbiased review of the reputation of the company to determine whether it is the right web hosting company you are looking for or not.


Always opt for the web hosting company that consists technical support team that is completely filled with Windows expertise. This will lead to getting regular customer support assistance from the web hosting company in case of any technical issue. Before going for a web hosting service provider, ensure that it provides 24*7 customer support service. Thus, in case your website faces any issues and if your service provider offers you 24*7 technical support, then your website will back to normal right away through customer service. Your web hosting provider should also provide several ways of communication to get in touch with you such as customer care number, customer portal, email, and live chat.


It’s efficient that your web hosting service provider should offer you sufficient software compatibility in terms of all the Windows-based applications, software, and programs which include:


Microsoft Access


Microsoft Exchange

ASP Classic

Microsoft SQL Server

Visual Basic Development

Remort desktop

Microsoft SharePoint.

However, if your online business works on any of the software mentioned above, then it’s important to double-check your web hosting plan in order to streamline the work process of your website.

Moreover, if your website uses popular CMS as well such as WordPress, then always go for the type of web hosting plan which is seamlessly compatible with WordPress as well. Similarly, if you use website tools such as AWstats and Google Analytics or e-commerce software such as Woocommerce and Magneto, then ensure to check out those features as well.

Most web hosting companies provide information about the compatibility of common software along with different web hosting plans but in case you don’t find it, you can always check it with the sales team of the company.


Website security should be the topmost priority of every online business in the world. However, as discussed earlier Windows server hosting is considered to be more vulnerable than Linux server hosting. But with the help of a reliable and reputable web hosting Provider Company especially in terms of security, you can reduce the high chances of those security risks.

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