What is WHOIS Lookup? Do I need WHOIS Privacy Protection?

WHOIS lookup stores domain names registration information. Many companies prefer to WHOIS lookup. They store information of domain names worldwide. Any user can use WHOIS lookup to see domain basic information. Like – registration dates, hosting companies, contact email, registration dates, expiry, and company URL. Many users who plan to get domain name. Uses different website lookups for availability of domain name. WHOIS lookup is perfectly designed to implement different functions. Such lookups are capable of providing domain’s history and other additional information. Users can use WHOIS lookup at any time to perform basic information gathering about any domain name. WHOIS lookup provides authentic contact information of the domain name. WHOIS also helps in stopping spam because it only shows the actual IP address of the domain name. Details about the domains are directly arriving from registrars in real time.

In terms of purchasing new domains. Website lookups are performed to check a lot about domains. Website lookup are important factor before purchasing of domain. Relevant domain name tells a lot about your business. If you have done great research about domain name then you can increase your business in short period of time.

WHOIS lookup is commonly used by many developers, designers, testers, and other IT professionals. WHOIS lookup identifies domain and shows the contact information. WHOIS records have been proving themselves as authentic because it regulated under ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and holds record of domain name registration and ownership.

WHOIS is Divided in 2 Models: –

Thick Model – This model provides additional information thin model. The additional information contains – registrant details, administrative and other technical details. A thick model shows the detailed information about domain name.

Thin Model – Thin model shows the basic lookups, it provides name serves, registration dates and registrar details. For getting all the information users consider to use thick model.

Domain Protection: –

In today’s digital world, cyber-attack is becoming very common. Cyber criminals try to spread different malicious activities on the internet. For specifically, targeting any website. Every cyber criminals requires basic info about the website. So they always start with WHOIS. With WHOIS information, they can create prepare different attacking methods for their target. That’s why many companies are now demanding for domain privacy protection. Domain privacy protection offers protection on personal data which are shows in WHOIS records. With domain privacy personal details like – email address will change into random characters and address will also change. HTS hosting, best hosting company in India gives domain privacy protection to protect your sensitive information. Yes, you should consider using WHOIS privacy protection. This will help to stop following reasons: –

Information gathering is the first step where cybercriminal tries to collect as much information about your domain. With domain privacy, it becomes harder to gather information and use it in exploitation.

Protection on email address and mobile numbers. Less spamming will occur. For example – email phishing is the method commonly used by cyber criminals to install malware in your organizations system.

Now days there are many marketing companies who gather you private information and sell to third party vendors. You company’s email address is a great asset for marketing companies.

There are many cyber criminals who just want to spread malicious activities on your website. They only visit your website to find any bug related to your website. But first they start with WHOIS lookup information gathering. So for stopping unwanted web traffic on your website consider using domain / WHOIS privacy protection.

Conclusion: –

HTS hosting provides domain / ID privacy protection to stop unwanted spamming on your corporate identification. We take customer priority in becoming best hosting company in India. Connect with HTS hosting for affordable hosting plans.

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