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Internet is the fastest growing global system that connects computers from different parts of the world. With internet, user-generated content has evolved from plain text into multiple formats of multimedia that includes video and audio. All such content is hosted on servers. And the majority of data is housed in data centers. Massive servers handles everything from corporate websites to personal blogs. They require large amount of energy and have significant CO2 (carbon dioxide) output. As we all know that CO2 (carbon dioxide) is less optimal for our environment. We normally sign up in to websites, pay and start using those websites. We never think about even stepping foot in data center. Those data center requires moderate and cool environment. Although, hosting provider requires more low and moderate environment to keep their servers up and constantly running. That’s why they are shifting towards green web hosting.

Green Web Hosting: –

Green web hosting refers to web hosts actively trying and carrying eco-friendly initiatives to mitigate impact on environment. There are many large companies who take small portion to do green web hosting. In green web hosting, a solar energy farm is used to produce clean energy. It’s quite impractical for every web hosting company to shift to green web hosting. But thankfully, some companies have realized to contribute towards health of environment. This means web hosting gives back to environment through renewable energy or carbon offsets. Renewable energy is produced using natural resources such as – wind, sunlight and water. These are the replenished natural conversion that doesn’t require burning of fossil fuels.

Cause of internet annual CO2: –

Firstly, we will start with listing down everything that associates and causes equivalent cause to environment.

  • 31 million cars driving around the world.

  • Boeing 747 flying.

  • Some other countries – Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mongolia and the Philippines that generates very less air.

There are many tech giants who are losing in green commitment. If we see on global scale, Internet is responsible for high level of energy wastage and environmental pollution. That’s why we are here to solve problems. We are trying to make difference by striving towards maximum sustainability in every step. HTS Hosting don’t waste unnecessary resources. We are continuously working towards in providing best hosting services. We provide windows vps hosting, Linux Dedicated Server Hosting, WordPress hosting and other hosting plans. With a careful hardware selection we have reduced consumption by centralizing storage. Our hosting infrastructure is also rooted into our daily routines. Sustainability is the fundamental pillar for us.

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