Rise of Cloud Base Software

Cloud computing can be seen in different industries. From education to tech, healthcare and accounting. Such large usage of cloud solutions leads to growth in new applications creation. According to experts, cloud based market will continue to grow in next coming years. Cloud based software is designed, built, accessed and maintained via remote servers that are constantly powered with uninterrupted internet connection. These type of servers are provided from third-party cloud infrastructure services.

If business organizations are comfortable in sharing server and their resources with other organizations. They can try using public services such as – Amazon, Microsoft and Google servers. Hybrid cloud hosting combines private and public solutions. This option gives access gives different environment from single IT infrastructure through WAN, LAN, VPN and API. Hybrid clouds are now becoming multi-cloud solution that are connected with integration. The concept of cloud computing concept was from 1950s. In 1960, J.C.R Licklider designed system of interconnected computers. IN 1970, IBM releases OS (operating system) called as virtual machine. VM (virtual machine) is the foundation of digitalization. But VM become popular in 2006. It all started when Google and Amazon started using hybrid cloud technology to give a new way for accessing computer power. Amazon launched storage services – S3 (simple storage service) and EC2 (elastic compute cloud) allowed organizations to rent virtual machines. Cloud computing solutions are available on premise and pay as you go options. And this flexibility even encourages further software creation.

According to IT manager experts, cloud-based processes are expected to cover 94%of workloads. In 2018, market size of cloud computing appraised at $272 billion. Expects have predicted its value will be $623 billion by 2023. These positive projections can be attributed: –

  • Better customer experience – On of the best uses of cloud based software chatbots for example – Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri enhance consumer engagement in absence of direct communication.

  • Simplified increase in productivity – Organizations are easily delegated in IT infrastructure management to third party expert. Delegation frees up time that could spent on priority tasks.

  • Speed and ease of scalability – Enterprises and individuals have wide variety to downgrade and upgrade their cloud service subscription.

  • Lower and higher cost revenue – Unlike in-house data servers tapping on resources of third party experts and cloud servers. Cloud servers helps companies lower their budget for security and IT. This allows entrepreneurs to allocate more funds.

  • Ease of speed marketing – Cloud base software are developed and designed by experts.

Conclusion: –

The use of cloud based software is becoming a trend today for different reasons. The future is very bright in cloud computing. Analysts at IDC are estimating that field will evolve in coming years. With almost 75% of data operations to deploy cloud technology. With edge computing it becoming integral part of technological setup. Now, 40% of organizations will deploy cloud technology with edge computing. Already cloud computing has changed the way we work. Cloud computing has facilitated businesses to only focus only achieving goals with performance at the core. When five pronged cloud computing leverages agility, security, mobility and flexibility. Cloud computing is to help businesses get computational rises to new level. For best cloud services connect with HTS Hosting, HTS Hosting provides Linux shared web hosting, Windows shared hosting, Linux dedicated hosting and other hosting plans.

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