Resetting a cPanel Subaccount Password

For the convenience of everyone who is looking for comprehensive information on how to reset a cPanel Subaccount password, detailed information has been put together here. But before we elaborate on it, let us touch upon cPanel for the benefit of the uninitiated reader.

What is cPanel?

cPanel, which has been developed by the cPanel LLC., is a control panel software for web hosting. GUI (Graphical User Interface) and automation tools are present in it for simplifying the web hosting process for the user. A standard web browser is used to enable administration in it. cPanel is capable of managing a single web hosting account, whereas cPanel & WHM enables an entire server’s administration. Apart from GUI, cPanel has command line as well as API-based access. This lets web hosting companies, developers, and third party software vendors, automate processes that have to do with standard system administration.

cPanel provides front-ends to its clients for numerous common operations, which include but are not limited to, crontab tasks, PGP keys’ management, mailing lists, mail and FTP accounts, etc. One can avail many add-ons by paying a certain amount of additional fee for some of these add-ons. The server administrator needs to enable these add-ons, so that the cPanel user can access these.

Web Hosting

As already mentioned, cPanel is a control panel for web hosting. Now what is web hosting? It is the service provided by web hosting companies that is meant for rendering websites accessible, and for keeping them up and running properly without any hindrance. In web hosting server space is provided for storing the files of various websites. This service also makes available the technology that is involved in the process of enabling websites to be accessible over the Internet. Web hosting is primarily either shared or dedicated or VPS or reseller or WordPress or cloud. Various plans are provided by the professional web hosting companies to cater to the different requirements of websites’ owners, who use the service of web hosting. One might have come across terms, such as the “Best Linux Shared Hosting Company” or the “Best Windows Dedicated Hosting Company” or the “Top Cloud Hosting Company” etc. These terms refer to the most preferred web hosting companies, such as HTS Hosting, that offer top-notch services globally.

Now that you know about web hosting and cPanel, let us proceed to providing information on how to reset a cPanel Subaccount password.

Important Reminder

You are recommended to take into account the below-mentioned factors before carrying out the process.

  • cPanel & WHM version 56 or the later versions are required by the Reset Password feature for subaccounts.

  • You need to enable the Reset Password for Subaccounts option for using this feature. This option is in the System section of the Tweak Settings interface in WHM. You should contact your hosting service provider and seek assistance, if you are unable to access the WHM interface.

  • You have to provide a valid email address for using this feature. You need to enter an email address in the text box, Contact Email Address, in the User Manager interface of cPanel. You should contact your hosting service provider if you have forgotten the password, or did not set the Contact Email Address setting, or if you can’t log in to the cPanel interface.

  • If a contact email address is not specified by you, a fake email address is displayed by the system at the time when you attempt to reset your password. This aids in protecting users’ credentials on your account. This email address will appear as a hint in the text box, Contact Email Address, on the cPanel Login interface. You need to contact your hosting service provider and seek assistance, if you want to reset your password and you didn’t set your contact email address.

Resetting the Subaccount Password

cPanel & WHM enables you to reset your Subaccount password. A security code is sent during the password reset process, to the contact email address in the User Manager interface in cPanel. You need to carry out the below-mentioned steps in order to reset your Subaccount password.

  • Navigate in your browser to the location that is mentioned below.


In the above-mentioned link, your domain name is represented by

  • Click Reset Password.

  • In the text box, Username, enter your Subaccount username.

  • Click Reset Password.

  • Enter your contact email address in the text box, Contact Email Address.

  • Click Send Security Code.

  • Click Send Security Code Again, if you need to resend the security code. It needs to be mentioned here that you must use the same browser session that you used for initiating the request for password reset.

  • Enter the security code received by you in the text box, Security Code.

  • Click Submit.

  •  Enter your password in the text box, New Password, and confirm your password.

  •  Click Set Password.

Now the process of Resetting a cPanel Subaccount Password comes to a successful conclusion.

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