How Dedicated Hosting Differs from Dedicated Servers?

“Exclusivity adds value”. The same is true for dedicated servers and dedicated hosting. Both bring some form of exclusivity to the users of these services, albeit in different ways. In this blog you will get the low-down on not only what dedicated hosting and dedicated servers are, but also how these services add an element of exclusivity in the context of web hosting services.

The Essentials of Web Hosting

Web hosting goes hand in hand with web servers. Web servers are an essential component of web hosting. Having said that, let us first introduce you to web hosting.

Website hosting or web hosting is a service that makes available the necessary technologies that are needed for rendering a website publicly and seamlessly accessible online. This service is provided by a large number of professional web hosting companies, such as HTS Hosting, which is regarded as the Best Website Hosting Company globally and operates from its state-of-the-art data centre, HTS Data Centre, that is a fully secure and well managed, world-class facility for offering reliable and efficient web hosting services. The service of web hosting is availed by website owners from web hosting companies that are also referred to as web hosts, through a range of web hosting plans for different types of web hosting solutions. These various web hosting solutions cater to a wide range of web hosting requirements of different types of websites. The main types of web hosting solutions are that of Reseller Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting (Managed VPS Hosting, Self-managed VPS Hosting) and WordPress Hosting.

Every web hosting solution is made available in the form of a web hosting plan for either Linux or for Windows and ensures that the site which has availed the plan is up and running and is seamlessly accessible online to global website visitors. Web server space and web hosting features are provided through each web hosting plan. Now, to understand the indispensable connection between web servers and the service of website hosting, it becomes imperative that the process of web hosting be explained.

First things first, a web hosting plan needs to be selected, based on the hosting requirements of the site to be hosted, as well as on the budget of the website owner. And do not forget to ensure that you are availing services from a thoroughly professional and reputed web hosting company. Once an appropriate plan has been purchased and your web hosting plan becomes active, the files of your website get hosted on the web server of your service provider. It is here that these files get processed and eventually get retrieved from, by the browsers of various site visitors that want to visit your website. When the stored and processed files of the website get delivered over a live Internet connection to the Internet-connected devices of the site visitors, the website becomes accessible to them. This is how the process of web hosting functions and ensures that every hosted site is always accessible to site visitors. It can be easily noticed that for a site to remain accessible online, the presence of three factors play an essential part, web hosting service, web server and a live Internet connection.

Web servers play a vital role in the service of web hosting, which can be gauged from the process that has been described above. A web server not only stores and processes the files of websites but also receives and responds to the incoming requests of the browsers of site visitors. Depending on the number of sites that are hosted on a web server, a web server can be classified as either a shared server or as a dedicated server or as a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Both, shared servers and Virtual Private Servers host multiple websites on a single physical web server but a VPS works on Virtualization Technology and is able to deliver the environment of a dedicated server to each of the hosted sites on the same server. Now, a dedicated web server is totally different from a shared server and from a Virtual Private Server. Let us explain how it is different.

Dedicated Servers

When a plan is purchased for a dedicated web server, essentially an entire server is purchased by the user for his/her sole usage. This is where the element of exclusivity comes into play. A dedicated web server hosts the files of a single website on a single web server, which in turn ensures that the entire server resources are available for full utilization by the hosted website. The hosted site receives dedicated server resources, dedicated server space as well as a dedicated IP address when it is hosted on a dedicated server. Not only that, a user of a dedicated server can customize his/her server, based on his/her hosting requirements. With the availability of dedicated server resources, it becomes effortlessly easy to attain powerful site performance and unrivalled speed. The availability of dedicated server space, which is not shared by multiple websites, goes a long way in enhancing the security of the hosted site.

With a plethora of benefits to offer, which have been mentioned above, the popularity of dedicated web servers has seen a steady rise, especially among resource-intensive websites that require dedicated server resources for their effective hosting. If you want to host a site that is of a large-sized business or an online store or a site with strict requirements for server customization and augmented site security or a site that is expected to receive a lot of web traffic, then your best bet is to opt for a dedicated server.

Here it needs to be mentioned that HTS Hosting offers powerfully configured dedicated servers that are unbeatable in terms of the speed, uptime, efficiency, performance and security that these deliver at budget-friendly prices. You can easily choose from a range of Linux Dedicated Servers and Windows Dedicated Servers of HTS Hosting to boost your site’s performance significantly.

Dedicated Hosting

If we talk about Dedicated Hosting, especially that offered by HTS Hosting, it is a one-of-a-kind web hosting service. The dedicated hosting service of HTS Hosting is essentially a Shared Hosting service, wherein a dedicated IP address is provided to each of the websites hosted on the same web server. Let us elaborate on it.

When you avail any of the affordably-priced and feature-rich Dedicated Hosting plans of HTS Hosting, whether it is for Linux or for Windows, your website will be hosted alongside many other websites on a shared web server. Hence, in this case, every website that is hosted on the same web server, gets shared server resources and shared server space but a dedicated IP address. If you are looking for an economical hosting solution which offers shared server space and shared server resources andall you need is a dedicated IP address, then you can opt for any of the Dedicated Hosting plans of HTS Hosting.

Every Dedicated Hosting plan that you purchase from HTS Hosting guarantees the availability of high uptime, the fastest page loading speed, powerful security, user-friendly control panel (cPanel, Plesk), SSD storage, unlimited web hosting, free SSL certificate, Softaculous, 24*7 technical support and much more. These plans can be purchased at massively discounted prices and excel at offering the best website hosting service and top-notch site performance.


Dedicated Hosting is a web hosting service which renders websites seamlessly accessible online to site visitors, whereas a dedicated server is a web server that is used in the service of web hosting for storing and processing the files of websites. This is how the service of Dedicated Hosting differs from dedicated web servers.

HTS Hosting is regarded as the most efficient service providers for value-for-money, fast and fully secure dedicated servers, as well as for providing a wide range of Dedicated Hosting plans that offer reliable, stable and peak site performance at massively discounted prices. Choose an appropriate service based on your requirements and experience the best hosting offered by HTS Hosting at incredibly low prices.

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