Why Is High Uptime an Important Web Hosting Feature?

While trying to gather information about what sort of features you need to have in your web hosting plan, you might have come across the fact that states the importance of “high uptime” in website hosting. What is uptime in the context of web hosting? Why should you avail a website hosting plan that offers high uptime? All these questions shall be addressed in this blog. But before that, let us begin with an overview of web hosting.

The Purpose of Website Hosting

Have you ever wondered how you are able to browse, over the Internet, an ever-growing number of websites? The answer to it lies in the service of website hosting, which is also referred to as web hosting.

Web hosting is the service that is meant for rendering websites accessible online to website visitors from different parts of the world. It provides the services and the technologies that are needed for ensuring the seamless online accessibility of websites. Every website owner needs to avail web hosting service in order to keep his website up and running. How do you avail this service? There are service providers of web hosting that are referred to as web hosting companies or as web hosts.These service providers offer a range of web hosting solutions, replete with web hosting features, to ensure the online availability of websites.

Once you have availed a web hosting solution, which can be of different types; your website is hosted on the web server of your service provider. Now these web hosting solutions can be availed as either Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Self-managed VPS hosting or as WordPress Hosting. Every web hosting solution is meant for a certain type of a website and caters to a specific set of website hosting requirements. That is the reason for having various types of web hosting solutions.

Every site that is stored on a web server gets processed on the server and is retrieved from there by the browsers of site visitors, which renders the hosted site publicly accessible over the Internet. Hence, if your purpose is to ensure your or your business’ online presence through a fully-functional and publicly accessible website, then you need to opt for an appropriate web hosting service from a professional web hosting company.

Some Essential Web Hosting Features

Every web hosting plan, whether it is of Shared Hosting or of Dedicated Hosting or of any other type of hosting, will offer a set of web hosting features. These features are meant to ensure the efficacy of the service provided, as well as the convenience of the users of web hosting services. Always select a web hosting plan based on your web hosting requirements. Here is a list of some of the important web hosting features that should be present in your web hosting plan –

  • High uptime

  • SSD storage

  • Fast page loading speed

  • Secure hosting

  • Control panel

  • 24*7 technical support

Every web hosting feature serves a specific purpose. For example, the availability of technical support, round the clock, ensures the convenience of the users of web hosting services by providing prompt support whenever any user encounters any technical issue. Another web hosting feature, which is the availability of high uptime, ensures the effectiveness of web hosting. What is uptime? Why do you require high uptime? Let us run you through the significance of high uptime, next.

What is Uptime?

As you already know that a web server is an essential component in web hosting and it stores and processes the files of websites. To explain uptime in the simplest way, it refers to the amount of time for which a web server has been up and running. It can also be understood as the amount of time for which a website has been available to its users in a given period of time. Uptime is expressed as a percentage and this ratio is arrived at by dividing the time for which a website has been available, by the total time that has been taken into account. The ideal uptime is 100% but attaining an uptime of 99.99% qualifies to be considered as high availability, as per the web hosting industry’s standards.

The Significance of High Uptime

The value of uptime is one of the best indicators regarding the efficiency of a service provider at ensuring that its systems are up and running uninterruptedly and effectively. The higher the uptime, the better it is for a website’s seamless online availability.When a web hosting company provides high uptime as a feature in its web hosting packages, it implies that its web servers remain up and running, which directly reflects in the fact that the site/sites hosted on such a web server remain available online without any major interruption.

Why is high uptime an important feature that continuously ranks high in the list of the most sought-after website hosting features? Let us cast light on that next. Will you be able to access a website’s web pages if the site is down? Obviously, that is not possible. For any website to remain publicly accessible online, it needs to be up and running. Uptime reflects the same, that for how long a website has been up and running. The higher the value of the uptime delivered by a web hosting service, the higher the hosted sites’ online availability to site visitors. At the end of the day, every website exists to increase the global reach of the entity that it represents. To fulfil that purpose, every website needs to be always accessible to its online site visitors.

Imagine a scenario where you have availed a web hosting service wherein your site remains down frequently. This severely tarnishes the reputation of your site and your business, if it is a business site. Moreover, for a business site that frequently encounters downtime, it loses a significant number of opportunities to earn revenues online. A site that is not seamlessly available, loses a major chunk of its site visitors, which can be its potential customers in case of business sites, or even its existing customers that were its repeat customers. Losing customers due to a site that is down most of the time, can spell doom for a business site. For any type of website losing its web traffic is an anathema that needs to be averted at any cost. Luckily, ensuring that your site is always up and running and rarely down, is something that is not difficult to attain. All that needs to be done is to carry out a thorough research on the web hosting companies and the web hosting solutions that are available. Then make an informed decision in this regard, by opting for a web hosting plan that prioritizes delivering high uptime,as well as other important web hosting features.


The importance of high uptime cannot be overemphasized in the service of web hosting, as every hosted site wants to have a competitive edge over the sites of its rivals by remaining seamlessly and securely accessible at the fastest speed. If you are looking for a service provider that delivers fully secure hosting solutions that offer remarkable speed, peak site performance, outstanding service and high uptime, then HTS Hosting will be able to fulfil these requirements at the most budget-friendly prices.

HTS Hosting, a globally recognized data centre as well as a popular web hosting service provider, ensures that its feature-rich plans for different types of web hosting solutions offer excellent value for money and perpetually deliver high uptime to keep the hosted sites up and running at all times. The availability of round-the-clock, expert customer care service of HTS Hosting plays a pivotal role in minimizing downtime by providing prompt technical assistance to effectively resolve any technical issue in its hosting service. Moreover, the powerfully configured web servers of HTS Hosting that remain functional in its state-of-the-art and well-managed data centre, ensure that the delivered hosting services are efficient, fully-secure and are capable of consistently providing high uptime.

High availability and high uptime become easily attainable, when your website is hosted through any of the efficient and affordably-priced web hosting plans of HTS Hosting, which is regarded as the best web hosting company in india as well as abroad.

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