What Are the Different Types of VPS?

There has been a constant surge in the demand for Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans among those that are especially looking for less expensive yet equally effective alternative to Dedicated Servers,which can offer powerful site performance, exceptionally fast site loading speed,and augmented website security.

This blog shall help you acquire comprehensive information on Virtual Private Servers and make you aware of the different types of VPS that you can choose from, for the purpose of hosting your site.

What Is a VPS?

A Virtual Private Server, i.e. a VPS, is a type of a web server that is an integral part of the web hosting service of VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting, which derives its name from the specific type of web server (VPS) that is used in this type of website hosting service, is essentially a web hosting solution wherein the sites hosted on a VPS are made publicly accessible to website visitors over an active Internet connection.

Every type of web hosting service, be it VPS Hosting or any other type of website hosting solution, is purchased from a web hosting company in the form of a web hosting plan. Usually, every professional web hosting company, such as HTS Hosting, which is referred to as the Best Website Hosting Company, offers a range of web hosting solutions to cater effectively to the different types of web hosting requirements. All you need to do is, opt for the website hosting service of a professional web hosting company and look for a web hosting plan that has all the features which are required for hosting your website effectively and for keeping it seamlessly and securely accessible online to site visitors.

What happens in web hosting, including VPS Hosting, is that when you purchase a particular web hosting plan, the files of your website get stored on a certain web server of your web hosting company, as well as get processed on it.These files can either be stored and processed on the web server along with the files of other websites or the whole server can be meant exclusively for storing and processing the files of your website. Whether you are the sole user of a web server or a shared user, or a shared user of the web server who gets dedicated server resources, depends entirely on the type of web hosting solution that you have opted for and purchased from your service provider.

Web servers offer the platform on which websites’ files are stored and processed and are subsequently retrieved from, by the browsers of site visitors, in order to render the hosted sites accessible to the site visitors. Web hosting is the service that offers web server space along with all the web hosting technologies and services that are needed for keeping websites up and running seamlessly. The same is true for VPS Hosting, which is one of the many web hosting solutions, such as Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting and WordPress Hosting.

It is the service of VPS Hosting through which web server space on a VPS can be availed. A VPS or a Virtual Private Server hosts multiple sites on a single web server but is able to offer dedicated server resources, dedicated server space, a dedicated IP address, enhanced site speed and security and peak site performance to each of the sites that is hosted on the same web server. This is made possible through Virtualization Technology, which virtually segments web server space into several virtual, private, isolated, independent servers that are configured to install their own software and OS and host websites. This ensures that each of the multiple websites that is hosted on a Virtual Private Server, gets the environment of a Dedicated Server and at a much lesser price.

If you are looking for server customization, along with the availability of dedicated server space, dedicated server resources, a dedicated IP address that is not shared with other sites, outstanding site performance, powerful site security and the fastest page loading speed, then you should opt for a Virtual Private Server from an experienced, professional and reputed web hosting company, such as HTS Hosting, which offers all types of VPS Hosting plans at discounted prices.

The Two Types of Virtual Private Servers

Are there different types of Virtual Private Servers? Of course, there are! A VPS Hosting plan can be chosen based on either the extent of convenience that you are seeking with regard to server management or based on the extent of control that you want to exercise over server management.

If your preference is for convenience, when it comes to the management of your VPS, then you need to opt for a Managed Virtual Private Server, which can be availed through any Managed VPS Hosting plan. A Managed VPS refers to a Virtual Private Server that is managed by the expert, experienced and the well-trained team of your service provider,which not only manages the VPS but also maintains it and keeps it updated and secure. Hence, Managed VPS Hosting is also recommended for those that are not well versed in matters related to server management. It saves the user of the VPS the time, effort and the resources that go into server management.

If you prioritize having full control over the management of your Virtual Private Server, over convenience, then a Self-managed VPS Hosting plan will be the best for you, wherein you will get a Self-managed Virtual Private Server. Such a VPS is managed, maintained, kept updated and secure by the user of the VPS himself/herself, without any involvement of the service provider in this regard. Opt for this type of VPS Hosting only if you have the knowledge to manage a VPS or have an in-house team that can carry out proper server management.

To recapitulate, the different types of VPS are a Managed VPS and a Self-managed VPS. These can be availed as Managed VPS Hosting plans and as Self-managed VPS Hosting plans, respectively. Furthermore, based on the operating system (OS), VPS Hosting plans can either be Linux Managed VPS Hosting plans or Linux Self-managed VPS Hosting plans or Windows Managed VPS Hosting plans or Windows Self-managed VPS Hosting plans. Depending on your web hosting requirements and your preference for a Managed VPS or a Self-managed VPS,as well as your preference for Linux or Windows OS, you can choose any of the aforementioned VPS Hosting plans and avail server space on a VPS.


If you need the environment of a dedicated server at a much lesser price, then a VPS is exactly what you need, for hosting your site on. When you avail a VPS Hosting plan, you can easily customize the server and reap the full benefits of dedicated server resources, dedicated server space and a dedicated IP address. Moreover, you can choose between a Managed VPS and a Self-managed VPS, based on whether you prefer that your service provider should manage the VPS or you prefer to manage the VPS yourself. A VPS Hosting plan also lets you choose between a Linux VPS Hosting plan and a Windows VPS Hosting plan, with VPS Hosting solutions catering to the demands for different operating systems.

HTS Hosting, which is globally popular as the Top Web Hosting Company, offers all the different types of VPS, through its budget-friendly and feature-rich VPS Hosting plans for Linux Managed VPS, Linux Self-managed VPS, Windows Managed VPS and Windows Self-managed VPS. You can connect at any time with the expert customer care service team of HTS Hosting and seek assistance in choosing the best plan for availing the powerfully configured VPS of HTS Hosting.

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