10 Tips to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Business

A domain name is the address of a business, just as we have an address for our homes. It is one of the most important components of a website. Your website is your shop for business; therefore, its domain name should be chosen carefully.

A domain name has the ability to make or break your business. Hence, you must do sufficient research and take appropriate measures to ensure that it is best for your brand/business.

This blog will go over the nine tips for selecting the best domain name for your business. You can buy a domain name from HTS Hosting, which is one of the best hosting companies in India.

1: Do deep research

It’s always advisable to do deep research when finalizing a domain name. For example, you should check whether the domain name you are planning to buy is available or not and whether the social media handles already exist or not?

Also, research will help you avoid any kind of legal hassles, such as trademark violations. It is always advisable to stay away from already registered trademark names. If the domain name or social media handles are not available, you must choose another name.

2: Choose the extension carefully.

Extensions are an essential part of the website address. They are the suffixes used at the end of the domain name addresses, like .com, .in, .org, and .gov. A popular type of extension is.com, which many brands heavily use.

It is not always necessary that you go for the.com extension. You can go for any top-level domain like .net, .org, .info, .edu, .biz etc. Many new genres of domain names have come in recent times, like .app, .xyz, and .guru.

3: Keep it short and simple

The fundamental principle for choosing any kind of domain name is to keep it short. The ideal character limit of the domain name should not exceed 15 characters. If you look at the most famous brand names, they are very short and simple, such as Google.com, Apple.com, and Amazon.com. This is because short names are easy for people to remember. Also, if people remember your domain name, they can share it with others as well.

4: Do not use numbers or hyphens

As previously stated, a domain name should be kept simple and short. Numbers and hyphens should not overcomplicate it. We recommend that you always use letters when choosing a domain name.

Also, you should avoid hyphens in the domain names, as customers of your website may think it is a spam domain.

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5: Avoid double letters

If you are using double letters in your domain name, you will miss out on a lot of traffic as your website customers are likely to make mistakes while typing the web address. In addition, doubled letters make customers’ lives challenging as they are tough to pronounce and spell, which means that you will also not get traffic through word of mouth.

However, suppose you are a business with an already established offline brand. In that case, you can use the double letters in your domain as your consumers know you by that name only.

6: Check the history of the domain

This is necessary in cases when you are buying an already owned domain name. You may feel thrilled that you got the domain name you were looking for, but it is essential to check the domain history before you celebrate.

You can easily use Google’s domain name history checker to find out if there is anything shady with that domain name. Also, check the domain’s history so that you do not get into trouble.

7: Purchase several domains

Once you get your favourite domain name, you should also buy all the similar top-level domains with different extensions. For example, Amazon.com is the primary website of Amazon. However, they have also bought domain names like .in to target their customers in India.

By buying the TLDs, you can avoid the potential competition from other businesses. Additionally, suppose you do not have the budget like Amazon to develop multiple websites. In that case, you can simply redirect all the rest of the TLDs to your primary domain.

8: Ensure social media availability

We mentioned earlier that you should also check the availability of various social media handles while buying a domain. You might come across a case where you get the domain name that you wanted. However, the social media pages like Facebook and Instagram are already owned by someone else.

9: Target your locality

Not every business is as big as Google or Amazon, so they should target the global market. Targeting a locality like India or any other country can be a good idea for small businesses. For example, you can buy a domain name with a suffix like .in,. Fr. Targeting the local market also builds trust with your customers, which is beneficial for your business in the long run

10: Use keywords in your domain name

By adding keywords to your domain name, you can easily target customers. In most businesses, leads come from great content. So, if you are using an industry-specific keyword, then the customers will easily recognize your brand. Also, note that you should not include keywords in the domain name if it doesn’t sound natural.

Choosing a domain name can be a daunting task for anyone, but you can easily get it with the help of the above 10 mentioned tips. If the domain name you are looking for is not available, you should be ready with multiple alternatives.

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