What Are the Benefits of Using Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated Servers offer the most popular and efficient solution for hosting websites. This is due to the fact that there are many benefits that a Dedicated Server offers. This blog will help you gain a thorough understanding of what a Dedicated Server is, as well as the important role that it plays, along with the benefits that a Dedicated Server has to offer.

What Does a Dedicated Server Do?

Dedicated Servers are a specific type of web servers that are used in web hosting for hosting websites. Web hosting is the service that provides web server space, along with all the necessary technologies and services that are needed for keeping sites seamlessly accessible over the Internet. It is the service of web hosting that ensures that the websites which have availed this service, are up and running and are always available over the Internet for site visitors to browse these websites. The service of web hosting can be availed through web hosting plans for different types of web hosting solutions, which provide not only web server space for hosting websites but also several web hosting features, such as high uptime, SSD storage, 24*7 technical support, fast page loading speed, etc.

Web servers, such as Dedicated Servers, are central to the service of web hosting. That is because, web servers host websites by storing and processing the files of the hosted sites. Subsequently, web servers, including Dedicated Servers, receive the incoming requests from the browsers of site visitors and respond to these requests by locating the stored files of the hosted websites and make those available for retrieval by the browsers. Once these files are delivered over an active Internet connection to the electronic devices (laptops, PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.) of the site visitors, the hosted websites become accessible to them. Hence, every type of web server, including a Dedicated Server, plays the single most important role in web hosting by providing the most efficient platform for storing and processing the files of websites and ensuring their convenient retrieval by browsers of site visitors.

Different types of websites need different types of web hosting services, as these sites have varied website hosting requirements. The main types of web hosting services that are provided by almost every professional web hosting company, including HTS Hosting,which is lauded as the Best Web Hosting Company, are Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Self-managed VPS Hosting and WordPress Hosting.

The type of web server that your site will be hosted on, will depend on the type of web hosting solution that has been availed. For example, in Shared Hosting, every site gets hosted on a Shared Web Server. Depending on the number of websites that are hosted on a single web server and the way in which these sites are hosted, these servers are classified as Shared Servers, Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

A Dedicated Server is a web server that hosts a single website on each web server. Server space on a Dedicated Server can be availed from any web hosting company through plans for Linux Dedicated Servers and plans for Windows Dedicated Servers.

Since a single website is hosted on a Dedicated Server, it is able to offer its entire web server resources for full utilization by the hosted site.This is where a Dedicated Server proves to be beneficial, as it offers dedicated server resources, dedicated server space and a dedicated IP address to the hosted website, along with the flexibility to customize the web server. Due to the availability of dedicated server resources, the site that is hosted on a Dedicated Server, gains enhancement in speed and performance. The availability of dedicated server space offers augmented security to the hosted site. Moreover, a Dedicated Server is meant for the exclusive use of a single client, which lets the user of the server customize the web server based on his/her specific hosting requirements. The popularity of Dedicated Servers stems from the fact that these are configured to offer server customization, dedicated server resources, dedicated server space, a dedicated IP address, enhanced site performance, accelerated site speed and powerful site security.

A Dedicated Server, which hosts a single website on a single physical web server and stores and processes the files of a single website, performs the same functions that every web server does. It stores and processes the files of the hosted site and receives and responds to the requests generated by browsers for these stored files. A Dedicated Server brings an element of exclusivity, as it is hosts a single website and/or is used by a single client.

The Numerous Benefits of Hosting Your Site on a Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers have emerged as the most preferred hosting solution, especially for resource-intensive site and sites that need dedicated server resources, server customization, unrivalled speed and security as well as outstanding performance. This is due to the fact that Dedicated Servers offer the flexibility to customize the server and also provide dedicated server resources, dedicated server space and a dedicated IP address. It becomes easy to attain the fastest speed, the most secure hosting and peak site performance with Dedicated Servers. With all these benefits to offer, it goes without saying that Dedicated Servers have become the most trusted and highly sought-after hosting solution.

How to Avail a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Servers, which are essentially web servers, are provided by web hosting companies, such as HTS Hosting, which is a world-class service provider of website hosting services and is considered as a Top Web Hosting Company globally. Dedicated Servers can be availed through plans for either Linux Dedicated Servers or Windows Dedicated Servers. You can choose between these two types of plans, based on your preference for either the Linux OS (Linux Dedicated Server plans) or the Windows OS (Windows Dedicated Server plans). When you opt for a Linux Dedicated Server plan, you get the Linux OS, whereas when you opt for a Windows Dedicated Server plan, you get the Windows OS.

Apart from your preference for the OS (Linux or Windows), you need to consider the web hosting requirements of your site and your budget, when you select any particular plan for a Dedicated Server. Always make sure that the Dedicated Server plan that you opt for, is feature-rich and offers these essential web hosting features- high uptime, round-the-clock expert customer care service, fast page loading speed, secure hosting and SSD storage.HTS Hosting offers all this and much more, through its wide range of Linux Dedicated Server plans and Windows Dedicated Server plans, at budget-friendly prices!

At HTS Hosting, you not only get excellent value-for-money plans for Dedicated Servers that are full of features but also exceptional support at all hours, along with expert assistance in selecting the most appropriate Dedicated Server plan for your unique hosting requirements and your budget.


Dedicated Servers are the first choice of those that are looking for an unshared web server which offers exclusivity, powerful site performance, lightning fast speed, augmented security, dedicated server resources, server customization, dedicated server space as well as a dedicated IP address. These numerous benefits that a Dedicated Server has to offer, has ensured its popularity as a hosting solution.

The Dedicated Server plans offered by HTS Hosting are a perfect amalgamation of affordability and features. These powerfully configured and fully secure web servers of HTS Hostingdeliver service from the top-tier data centre of HTS Hosting, HTS Data Centre.

Experience an outstanding level of service that prioritizes your convenience, as well as offers impressive performance at the fastest speed and securely, by opting for the Dedicated Server plans of HTS Hosting at massively discounted prices.

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