10 Ways Free Website Hosting Is Harmful to Your Business!

When you are setting up your new website, the “free” hosting plan can be tempting to you. Of course, everyone wants to save some money while investing, but this type of saving can harm your business. Many service providers offer free website hosting options along with a free domain, which can be very tempting for any person.

Many individuals and companies fall into this trap of free web hosting, especially when hosting your website or blog on WordPress. Unfortunately, there are many downsides to “free” web hosting, which you may realize after some time. We are not saying that you cannot use “free” web hosting for your business; absolutely, you can, but in the long run, you need the best hosting company like HTS Hosting.

As we advance in this blog, we will tell you the “10” ways free web hosting harms your business. Of course, we are not saying that every web hosting provider has these issues, but they can have at least some of them. So, without further ado, let’s look at the points.

1: Free is used just for its namesake.

There is no such thing as “free” from these web hosting providers. Most of these companies run on a freemium model, asking you to upgrade to get additional facilities or features. To begin with, you get access to a very limited number of features and functionalities. Also, the free version is very limited.

Generally, the cost of accessing the premium features of these free web hosting websites may outweigh the cost of getting paid hosting. Still, as a user, you want to avoid the hassle of migrating your website to another service provider, so you have no option but just to pay.

2: Your website may disappear.

Free website hosting can be tricky, as it usually has strict terms and conditions. If you violate any of their terms and conditions, your website will be removed without any notice. It means that all your hard work of setting up your website, designing and writing blogs will go in vain and you are back to square one.

You have to redo everything when setting up your website again, including the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) part. So, it’s better to get a hosting provider like HTS Hosting, which is the best hosting company in India.

3: Selling blogs is tough

If you have actually read the terms and conditions of free website hosting providers, you will find that you do not own the website. In their T&Cs, it is mentioned that your blog is their property. Therefore, you must read the terms and conditions thoroughly before availing of the services of these service providers.

Some free web hosting service providers have rights to your content as well, which means that all the hard work you did to write your blogs is of no use.

4: There is no control over the servers.

The motive of setting up any website is to get traffic. Who doesn’t want readers for their blog? If any of your blog posts get famous, you will attract a lot of traffic, which will affect the bandwidth of the free web hosting company. Therefore, your site will go down and you will lose the traffic.

It is always advisable to avail yourself of paid hosting plans to avoid losing out on the hard-earned audience and traffic. You can easily upgrade to more advanced plans at a reasonable price if you get more traffic.

5: Free hosted website looks terrible

When you opt for free hosting, you do not get many options to choose the layout and design of your website. All you get are some basic themes to choose from, and you can make very minor changes. Also, there will be tonnes of ads running on your website as these hosting providers have to recover their costs.

6:  Less Customization

If you are using WordPress as your website’s CMS, you are more likely to run into a lot of trouble when customizing your website. These free hosting service providers offer basic themes with little or no plugin functionality. So, suppose you want to sell something or start your own email list. In that case, you have no option but to upgrade to their premium plans, which are generally costlier than getting a paid hosting account. HTS Hosting provide the best WordPress hosting plans in India; therefore, we highly recommend it.

7: You might not own a domain.

When you sign up for a free hosting account, you will also get a “free domain”, which may not actually be a domain. Many of these hosting providers offer subdomains as “free domains”, which means that you have no ownership. If, God forbid, the hosting company shuts down its business, and your domain will also be gone.

8: Migration is tough

As mentioned already, free hosting service providers will not let you move your website easily. They will create unnecessary hassles in your way that will make the transfer of the website a nightmare for you. Due to these unnecessary hassles, many customers end up paying more when compared to paid hosting.

Therefore, you should opt for paid hosting from the start so that you do not have to spend a lot of money on your website.

 9: Ranking your website is tough.

Google doesn’t treat free hosted websites the same as paid ones. There are many shortcomings in free-hosted websites, as most of them are subdomains. It is very tough to rank a website on the platform of Google when you are using a subdomain.

10: No revenue generation

If you are using a free hosting plan, you will not be able to run any ads on it. You will also not be allowed to include affiliate links on your website. So, there is no option to generate revenue from your website.

A website is an online store for any business, and you want to make the best impression from the beginning. Therefore, we recommend that you always use the paid hosting plans HTS Hosting, the best hosting company in India.

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